The Hungarian nation - all its citizens - must be punished because George Soros' NGOs and Soros' efforts to bend nations to his perverted will are no longer welcome


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Viktor Orbán
Budapest-Hungary: Led by a member of the Dutch European Green Party MP Judith Sargentini (leftwing), a majority of the European Parliament’s unelected bureaucrats, mostly socialists, voted for George Soros’ Open Society Institute’s program to erase Europe’s borders and sovereignty in order that Europe’s churches and synagogues can be turned into mosques.

The same mentality is trying to erase America’s borders and the same suspects are paying for that agenda. They are the same who don’t believe America is exceptional, built by exceptional people. They believe that Mexicans and Africans invented Google, the Internet, computer chips, aircraft, modern medicine, and put a man on the moon.

The EU’s MPs feigned outrage over invented abuse of “Europe’s democratic values” by Hungary, which, to Soros’ chagrin, recently reelected its most popular leader in a landslide triumph by re-assserting Hungary’s values. That happened after he was elected earlier in landslide victories twice.

Apparently Hungary’s people mistakenly believe Hungary’s values are European values, since Hungary sits in the dead center of Europe.

Hungary in Europe


Actually, no European values ever existed among European nations

They were eating each other across the ages. Non-Germans competed against Germany’s imposition of its will since WWl, plunging Europe into unspeakable horror twice with over 50 million dead. Europe has never actually experienced democracy - at least not the American understanding of it - as it relates to the latter’s constitutional republic. It has experienced socialism of the German kind and socialism of the Russian kind.

Today it’s experiencing socialism of the Soros kind.

On September 12, 2018 the European Parliament voted 448 to 197 in a resolution to invoke Article 7, by reinterpreting the article in substantially self-serving fashion to force unwilling Europeans to submit to Islamic values. In other words, according to the EU’s MPs, European values can be found by facing Mecca.

Viktor Orbán, pictured center, Hungary’s pugnacious prime minister responded: “We will not yield to blackmail!” He added: “We’ve defended Europe!” Orbán called the EU’s cynical action against his country’s resistance to being overrun by Arabic and African mostly-economic migrants an assault on Hungary to decide its own future, borders, and sovereignty. He called it “an abuse of power” to trigger Article 7 with a resolution to revoke Hungary’s voting rights at the EU parliament.

Viktor Orbán, Donald Trump


I’ve got a deal for you, said Merkel & Associates. Meanwhile Daimler, Audi and BMW moved into Hungary to take advantage of cheap land, cheaper housing, cheap Russian energy, and cheap, highly talented labor, and arguably built Europe’s largest plants there.

The EU has given billions to rebuild the Hungarian infrastructure left in a rubble by the same socialist Russians for a price: ten times as many billions being returned to the EU in Value = the current price of future benefits.

As reflected in the New York Times record of persistent pro-Soros-anti-Orbán series of slanted, spun, distorted FAKE NEWS articles, the European media is also spewing like-kind Soros-inspired agenda that has accused the Hungarian prime minister of violations of human rights. The only rights Orbán has violated are of the people of Syria who never met a Hungarian and who will never cross the Hungarian border.

For years the media accused Hungary of being fascist and Nazi, just as Victor Orbán unfurled Israel’s flag inside the Hungarian parliament and across Budapest’s bridges; even as earlier Israeli fighter jets flew over Hungary’s capital city on their way to Auschwitz with cheers from below, even after the Israeli PM was given the warmest welcome on his visit to the beautiful capital city, the ‘Gem on the Danube’.

The MEPs accused Orbán of “abusing democratic freedoms.” This was after Orbán expressed Zero Tolerance for antisemitism. Orbán, whom the EU accused of fascism and Nazism you see, violated the democratic freedom of leftwingers, Nazis, fascists, antisemites and Jihadis to spew hate, conspiracy theories, bearing of false witness, rape blond European women, commit widespread violence, and to physically attack Jews.

Oh, sorry. These acts happen frequently not in Hungary, but in the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, France, the UK, the ministers of which voted against Hungary.

But I digress.

Zero tolerance didn’t sit well with the European Parliament’s antisemites pawning BDS (Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions against Israel by having Israeli made goods marked with the figurative Yellow Star) to remind Jews of the better times they had back in 1933 when Berlin shops were boycotted and Jews were beaten with iron rods.

Berlin shops were boycotted

BDS is illegal in much of the United States, but for the EU that defends every people against racism except for one people: the Jewish People. For the EU every people have a natural right to their homeland, except for the Jewish People who have inhabited their homeland two thousand years before there was a Europe and the Europeans secured their rights to breathe.

The MEPs called Hungary’s elections “disproportionate” (meaning the wrong party won). So the European Parliament are doing to Orbán what the Democrats in the US want to do to Donald Trump.

Why bother with elections? That would be too democratic.


The EU objected to FIDESZ (Orbán’s ruling coalition), limiting the unregistered operation of NGOs (non-governmental organizations) such as those set up by George Soros’ various open borders foundations that spent unknown sums to install socialist regimes in Hungary, Israel and the United States - and failed at all three.

Meanwhile the EU had no problem with Barack Obama setting up NGOs at American taxpayer’s expense in Israel to illegally interfere with the election process and overthrow Israel’s elected government.

Article 7 which refers to Article 2 of the Lisbon Treaty represent Soros’ pique at losing all his campaigns and hundreds of millions: Poland, Hungary, Israel, the United States, and elsewhere. It would allow over-ruling Hungary’s government as if elections never took place, over a treaty signed onto by Hungary’s former socialist regime.

“This is a historic result for Hungarian citizens and for European citizens everywhere, that the European Parliament has voted by a large majority to stand up for the values we all hold dear,” Sargentini, the Dutch MEP behind the resolution said. But wait:

The Hungarian People, using her thinking: “voted by a large majority to stand up for the values the Hungarian People all hold dear” by throwing out its former corrupt socialist regime.

These include LIBERTY and FREEDOM.

The EU’s MEPs never “got it.” The solution and the history.

Hungary can choose to take the big hit and withdraw from the EU along with the Visegrád Group of nations that swore to back Orbán.

Italy has already backed the Hungarian state and so have others. On top of all this, the EU has to contend with BREXIT, which, given the Hungarian uprising, will more than likely be a hard one, leaving the EU cut in half if the UK leaves it in the dust.

Hungarians were among all the oppressed states first to take on the Soviet Bear, and threw them out for weeks. They were the first to tear down the Berlin Wall in 1989 by tearing down the Iron Curtain first on their borders. The Germans, once again, got the credit for the good acts of Hungarians. But the Germans never learn, do they?

Today Hungary will be the first to build new alliances and hammer the first nail into the European Disunion and the EU currency. For Hungarians are a proud and bright people who will never submit. Certainly not to Islam and not to a German Chancellor that favors Islam over Germans. The outcome of the EU’s action is not Hungary’s fault, but the EUs, for going beyond their authority and choosing George Soros’ agenda over their European nation member’s security and welfare. And values.

They accused Orbán of trashing judicial independence and freedom of the press. This meant that the largest socialist paper shuttered their doors because no one with an IQ above that of a poodle bothered to read the socialist drivel and pay for it.

Hungary had 150 Years of Islam

Orbán was accused of mistreating undocumented migrants by not opening his small nation’s borders to a migration that has represented more than fifteen percent of the entire nation’s population. The PM once told the EU, “We had 150 years of it, that’s enough!” - and, not an exact quote - “We didn’t invite them here. There are many other countries near to Syria with huge expanse of empty land, the same culture, language, religion and cuisine, and no ongoing war, who should take them in.”

The MEPs may have assumed that the Hungarians who voted for their PM have Islamophobia, defined as a problem uniquely Hungarian objecting to over a million men of fighting age abusing, molesting and raping Hungary’s mothers, sisters, daughters and wives. The Hungarian nation - all its citizens - must be punished because George Soros’ NGOs and Soros’ efforts to bend nations to his perverted will are no longer welcome.

The EU’s MEPs accused the Hungarian PM of corruption.

Funny stuff, this corruption charge, for allegedly eighty five percent of the EU’s parliamentarians have been receiving funds from Soros’ and his various organizations for years. As have Democrats and their various NGOs that precipitated the assault on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation by taking two months to instruct and coach “survivors” to testify.


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