Benghazi: So Americans died And about the attack she lied

Everybody Does It: Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Refrain

By —— Bio and Archives--March 10, 2015

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Hillary Clinton wants to be president of me and you
To get elected there is nothing she wouldn’t say or do

Her husband is a philanderer but she doesn’t care
As long as the mainstream media keeps Bill’s womanizing off the air

He’s a charming rascal who from foreign governments gets lots of money
There’s no conflict of interest, just a coincidence that’s funny

Think nothing of it
Everybody does it

As Secretary of State she traveled a lot
But as for accomplishments that there were not

That’s not exactly true
For the secret deals she facilitated were quite a few

Those that benefited were generous givers
And the campaign contributions flowed into her coffers like the torrents of raging rivers

Think nothing of it
Everybody does it

When it comes to Benghazi one has to think
Why are the Republicans making such a stink?

Increased Consulate security it’s true she refused
But not wanting to admit her Libya policy was a mistake can be excused

So Americans died
And about the attack she lied

Think nothing of it
Everybody does it

Her private server insured that we
Would only see what she wanted us to see

Emails involving foreign donations, Benghazi, whatever
She knows how to permanently delete them because she’s so clever

When it comes to transparency, Hillary know best
Pretend to be open, but keep everything close to the vest

Think nothing of it
Everybody does it

Her campaign pitch asks us to set a new precedent
“Isn’t it time we had a woman President”

To this Americans should reply, “Yes, that’s true
As long as that woman isn’t you”

Al Kaltman -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Al Kaltman is a political science professor who teaches a leadership studies course at George Washington University.  He is the author of Cigars, Whiskey and Winning: Leadership Lessons from General Ulysses S. Grant.

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