A New Diplomacy or a new way of doing things with President Trump is similar to the old idea of “There’s a New Game in Town.”


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There is a point where diplomacy fails. The best efforts of experienced people do not meet the demands and expectations of diplomacy at this point and it leaves few options.

One option is to try and try again to make work the keen ideas that serve each of the proponents of an agreement between nations but if all parties do this, the results are practically always the same and the only changes are usually variations of previous attempts.


Another option is to maintain the status quo. Sigh deeply about what they see as broken goalposts and realize that trying to get what is wanted by at least one of the parties just didn’t work.

Other options apply but are usually variations of the above two. But, is this all that can be achieved by the diplomatists?


What we see happening today is a new diplomacy. It is not a continuing the traditional which has worked in most cases in the past. What changed for the old diplomacy is specifically that one of the parties has changed which led to changes in other parties confronted with treaties, agreements, etc.

Those who were party leaders on the diplomatic scale have also changed. Their philosophies have been altered as well as the people who voice those philosophies. This means constantly being aware of how those people think and how they act and react to situations which are old (and stubborn in that they seem never to go away) and new situations, as well.

People across the nation have been frustrated. Many are politically aware or become more aware in these days. Many are also aware of politics at the international level. For them to see how the State Department has been dealing with many situations, both in the past and now, is frustrating. However, many if not most of those in State are appointees, not elected officials, especially at the higher levels. They cannot be voted out of office, they must be “elected” out of office by replacing those who appointed them, if possible.

We see now that many in high government office hang on and continue in their positions. The new president, duly elected, is also frustrated in his attempts to place in positions his choices for offices under his purview. This is not an accident, by the way. It is “business as usual” by the DC Swamprats, to put it bluntly. Therefore, how can this all be replaced and overturned to achieve what the people across the nation, voting Americans, truly want — and do it in our lifetime?

Remember this: To wait for the election process to work, emplacing better and more desirable people in office, takes much too long. What we see happening today cannot bear a long process, we are in the “here and now” era, not some kind of “wait and see” process that leads to further frustration and disappointment. We have waited and we have seen more intolerable disappointment. But this is no longer the only alternative.

The answer has been President Donald J. Trump…

They criticize his tweets, they went on nationwide TV and said, not just hinted, that he was an incapable president, inexperienced and some even said he needed to be impeached, replaced and put on some dusty historical shelf. But their fondest wishes came to naught.

President Trump sidestepped the Department of State where their attempts failed in the past and made things happen. No more the “Mr. Nice Guy” approach. It has now become a direct, face-to-face contact or a very public putting on notice that it’s no longer going to be business as usual. And who has to gain from it? If anything good for Conservative Americans, the Left will rush to say Trump is being self-serving or, and this has become their favorite mantra, that dire consequences will result.

The Left would have had better results in the past if they had simply learned to think outside their boxes. But they didn’t want to see things in a new way because the old way served their ambitions so well, at least in their own minds. They can’t afford to vacillate or seem unstable in their maniacal desires lest their followers have serious doubts forced upon them. Their program is fixed and cannot vary or be put to bed.

The jury is not out yet as to the final results of what President Trump has done. However, considering the mindset of the Left, where they never are seen to be in support of the President, we can expect them to march along ignoring publicly what Trump is doing while plotting and scheming, as usual, to be an impediment to anything/everything the president does. Not only can we expect it of them, we can predict it with some confidence because that has been what they’ve done in the past and there is no visible change in the Left’s goals and ambitions, nor can there be!

What we are seeing is a president who follows through with his promises. I suspect that many on the Left are now going through the promises made by Donald Trump and wondering what they can do about them and thwart the president. The Left is predictable, those spots will not change.

There is hope: There is a new way of doing things in Washington

It took a few months for the goings-on in Washington to settle down and be more-directly seen by President Trump as good things or threats to America’s future. The dust has settled now, or seemingly so at least, and we can see his ways of handling issues with North Korea, Iran, Iraq and other places that were not done in the past.

This new way is frustrating to those in government, both past and present. They were more afraid of possible outcomes than good planning in order to make things happen the way they should. In their frustration, all those detractors, both inside and outside of government, have now is to throw up in the air “what if’s” and doubts. They would do well to wonder why people are not questioning them as to why they did not do their jobs in the past and eventually force an American like Donald Trump to step in and do it for them.

The Left laughed at Ronald Reagan until history taught them that it hurt them more than Reagan. They also tried to do it with others they did not like and still do. While it was done for long past the time when it netted them the effect they wanted, the subject of their derision was eventually replaced with someone else: the “Dirty Dog of the Day.” In fact, the former object usually just faded away as a new person became the focus of their “outrage.” People are catching on to their mania, however, and it has come about in part from Trump’s tweets about the Fake Media.

Yes, there is a New Diplomacy in town but it does not only apply to actions that should have been taken by the State Department with overseas considerations. There are things here at home that also come into play such as the Border Wall. Let’s hope that the Left remembers in time that this was also a campaign promise and to go counter to the wall may well bring that wall down on them!

Opposition regarding The Wall may well be seen as a waste of time, effort and money for something that was a promise on Trump’s campaign list. Who gets the last laugh when/if the Left finally realizes that Trump’s promises are not going to be forgotten?

President Trump is serious and with his promises, it is not a matter of getting one’s way in a deal where compromise may be in order. To President Trump, what he does to fulfill a promise is not compromised as to its final result. There may be some discussion as to how it happens but that it will be done eventually is not negotiable. And this is a distinct difference between Donald Trump and his predecessors.

A New Diplomacy or a new way of doing things with President Trump is similar to the old idea of “There’s a New Game in Town.” However, with President Trump, while this may be true in some ways, the big difference is that President Trump does not see the presidency as a game.


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Mr. Lunsford is a retired DoD telecommunications engineer, linguist and world traveler now living in eastern Kentucky. Still active in radio communications, he has several books copyrighted, one of which is now in final process of publication. He is politically motivated and, as much as possible, politically active.

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