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Father who charged at Olympic gymnastics pedophile Larry Nassar will donate legal fund to charity

By —— Bio and Archives--February 8, 2018

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Father who charged at Olympic gymnastics pedophile Larry Nassar will donate legal fund to charity
When Randall Margraves tried to attack the pedophile gymnastics doctor who assaulted three of his daughters, Dan and I had pretty much the same take.  “Yeah, sure, that’s illegal. But you can’t really blame the guy.”

If you watched the video, you know it was fairly clear that the police who restrained the outraged father had a similar opinion. Then, we heard that the judge agreed, and that was that.  Margraves would not face any charges for his outburst.

However, in the interim, people had been donating money to a GoFundMe account in Margraves’ name. The cash was intended to cover any potential legal bills that could have been headed the Margraves family’s way.  Since there will be no charges, there will be no bills. As a result, the campaign - which was never authorized by Margraves himself - was suspended after taking in just over $31,000.00. The organizer behind it posted:

“As we all know, Randy was not charged after the fact. I will work with him and his family to ensure the funds collected will go to a good cause to help victims of sexual abuse.”

...And now Randall Margraves has released a similar statement thanking the donors.  They can either get their cash back or leave it to be donated to charities that will help less fortunate abuse survivors.

From WDIV, Detroit:

In a statement Thursday, Margraves says he will donate the money to charity.

“While Randy deeply appreciates the outpouring of support, he says it is not needed for him. Those who donated to the fundraiser can choose to either get a refund or leave the donation to be given to charities that help survivors of sexual abuse.”

Charities include Small Talk, RAVE, and the Firecracker Foundation.

“At the time of the incident, I didn’t know that the great brotherhood had done this, and I was overcome with gratitude when I found out,” Margraves said. “I appreciate everyone stepping up to support me, but help is not needed for me. After giving people the chance to get a refund, the donations will go to organizations that help the sisterhood of survivors and other victims of abuse.”


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So, a good ending all around.  Margraves is in the clear, Nassar is headed for a presumably rough prison term, and, if you donated to a potential Margraves defense, you have options.

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