The pressures of the presidency

Focus on the results, not media-generated hysteria

By —— Bio and Archives--February 16, 2017

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The selective nit picking of everything Donald Trump goes with the territory as president of the United States. But the liberal media have turned it into hysteria and speculations on steroids. None of which is constructive.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, deputy advisor to the president, summed up the current situation through the lens of the media this way: “80 percent of what’s reported in the media is 180 degrees out of whack with reality.”

It’s called media-generated hysteria and speculations on steroids.

Last Saturday evening, I made a visit to my local grocery store to buy some fresh catfish to fry at home. The guy manning the fish and sea food area was not that familiar to me as are others who are there when I normally stop in.

He recognized me and asked, “What’s the short version of what’s going on?”

I told him to ignore the noise in the media and focus on the results. I also told him I am personally pleased with the new direction and tone from the top.

The liberal media think they are responsible for the resignation of General Michael Flynn. No they are not! He resigned because he made a mistake that he admitted, and wanted to not be a distraction on the new administration.

Media headlines about turmoil in the Trump administration because of the Flynn resignation, and reports from “unknown sources,” are media-generated hysteria. By the way, we are supposed to believe “unknown sources”? I don’t.

Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon have clearly stated in an interview that there is no turmoil at the top of the Trump administration. But that does not fit the liberal media’s attempt to get another “scalp”, so they keep spinning the story hoping that enough people will start to believe it.

Kellyanne Conway has been banned from MSNBC because they do not think she is on the inner circle with the president. They could not be more wrong, but this is their way of trying to add to the narrative of “administration in turmoil”. Let’s see how long it takes them to come crawling back! Their handful of viewers might want to hear the truth.

Fortunately, the Republican-controlled Congress is focusing on the same priorities as the new Trump administration. Namely, results that matter! They are not focusing on trivialities, speculations, and media ankle peckers.

It’s just part of the pressure of the presidency, and this administration just keeps on moving forward. The obsessed anti-Trump hysteria may never cease during the next four years, but Trump supporters will continue to embrace the direction of the new administration.

Fresh leadership in the White House is driving liberals crazy. Boom!

The fresh catfish also turned out great! Don’t forget the hot sauce!

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