When our own law enforcement and intelligence agencies interfere with an election, that's a dire threat from within

Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe...

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Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe…
Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe was fired last night by the Attorney General on the recommendation of the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR). 

OPR received evidence of McCabe’s misconduct from the Office of the Inspector General (IG).  Neither office is run by political appointees.  On the contrary, they are populated by experienced civil servants and lawyers.  The fact that McCabe is lashing out against the president, making wild political allegations, and wrapping himself in claims that his firing for wrongdoing is part of a war against the FBI, further justifies his firing.


Moreover, McCabe was a trusted top lieutenant to former FBI Director James Comey.  Comey, himself a leaker, defended McCabe during and after his service as Director.  The extent to which Comey was aware of or involved in any of McCabe’s misconduct is not yet known, at least to the public.  The issue is whether Comey was aware of the highly unprofessional, partisan, and unethical behavior under his management control or not; and if not, how could that be?  Comey has never had to account for his or his subordinates behavior and has never been held to account. 

What’s clear and extremely troubling is that the top levels of the FBI went rogue during the course of the last election, protecting Hillary Clinton and targeting Donald Trump.  It’s time for all Americans to demand accountability.  And the time is long overdue for two specific actions: 1. the appointment of an outside special counsel to investigate the activities of the Department of Justice, the FBI, the FISA court, the intelligence agencies, and the former White House staff to hold accountable all public officials and others who may have committed crimes; and 2. the creation of high level commission to unravel events from a public policy perspective and make determinations and recommendations going forward.

Much has been said and written about Russia’s interference in our election.  And rightly so.  But when our own law enforcement and intelligence agencies interfere with an election, that’s a dire threat from within.

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