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Congratulations, liberals, it's another great moment in leftist-statist history!

Former ‘journalist’ and current anti-Trump communist arrested for making bomb threats to Jewish comm

By —— Bio and Archives--March 3, 2017

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In the past few weeks, we've seen a growing number of ugly threats  threats directed at the Jewish community.  Specifically, there's been a slew of news about graveyard desecration and bomb threats.  A lot of conservatives began yelling "flase flag" while liberals were sure this was the work of bigoted Trump voters.  As usual, it looks like the conservatives were right.

Juan Thompson, a former "journalist" and a Bernie voter, has been arrested for at least eight of the bomb threats - as well as stalking an ex-girlfriend.

From the Daily Caller:

Juan Thompson, 31, was arrested in St. Louis by the FBI for making at least eight bomb threats and the cyberstalking of an ex-girlfriend. Thompson was a former reporter for The Intercept, and was fired after it was discovered that he made up sources and stories, including one about Charleston shooter Dylann Roof.

If you don't remember this incident, all you really need to know is that Thompson was fired after he invented a person by the name of "Scott Roof" who he claimed was Dylann Roof's cousin.  He also cooked up a bunch of phony quotes and attributed them to the fictional source.  In other words, he was a pioneer in the field of left-wing "fake news."

The criminal complaint states that threats made to the Jewish establishments across the country by Thompson were under his name and the name of his ex-girlfriend, and occurred after the relationship ended. The threats were made by both email and phone calls.

Dozens of Jewish Community Center bomb threats have occurred throughout the country since President Donald Trump’s election, and liberal groups and politicians have attacked Trump for them. The president condemned the threats during his address to Congress, but he reportedly said earlier that day, “sometimes it’s the reverse, to make people — or to make others — look bad.”

Thompson’s Twitter account, which is referenced in the criminal complaint, espouses communist and anti-Trump beliefs. Several tweets from the Twitter account are mentioned in the criminal complaint.

Here are a couple of now-ironic recent tweets from Thompson:

And, in case you're still laboring under the delusion that this must have been the work of a right-wing, Trump-loving, Republican anti-Semite…

My goodness.  He certainly doesn't sound like he's a member of the Trump booster club, does he?  I wonder which candidate he did support in the last election? 


Continued below...

Of course.  

By the way, we're probably lucky that phony threats are as far as Thompson went.  Judging by his violent rhetoric, this could have escalated into something far worse…

Congratulations, liberals, it's another great moment in leftist-statist history!

This is who they are.Former ‘journalist’ and current anti-Trump communist arrested for making bomb threats to Jewish community centers

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