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Cardinal Burke has consistently shown himself to be humble and not moved by compliment or insult

Francis reappoints Cardinal Burke to Vatican Court

By —— Bio and Archives--October 1, 2017

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Pope Francis reappointed Cardinal Raymond Burke as a member of the Apostolic Signatura on Saturday.  Francis removed Burke as the court’s prefect in 2014 because of his orthodox views on marriage and family, so some feel that his reappointment is a political ploy to shut him up.

Since Cardinal Burke was removed from the Vatican Tribunal three years ago, this has availed him the liberty to broadcast his concerns worldwide and raise up opposition to Francis’ “Communion to adulterers” program, so it appears that Burke’s reappointment may be designed to “lock him up” as well as to “butter him up,” so that he will be tempted to “tone it down.”

Cardinal Burke has consistently shown himself to be humble and not moved by compliment or insult, so it is hoped he will continue thus be on his guard against flattery. Cardinal Burke is certainly a prelate to keep in our prayers at this time.

If by chance Francis’ move to reappoint Burke is moved by compunction for having treated him so unfairly, this would be a wonderful thing, but if that’s the case, Francis will promptly announce that his papacy has been treading in darkness since 2013 and that every one of Burke’s charges against the liberal Vatican bureaucracy have been correct. Let him prove himself.

Francis Throws a Curveball: Brings Burke Back

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