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Francis' Tweet Revised

By —— Bio and Archives--April 16, 2018

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Francis' Tweet Revised
On Wednesday, Pope Francis tweeted these words in apparent support for Alfie Evans who has been sentenced to death by the medical authorities in England.

“It is my sincere hope that everything necessary may be done in order to continue compassionately accompanying little Alfie Evans, and that the deep suffering of his parents may be heard. I am praying for Alfie, for his family and for all who are involved.”


With all due respect for what appears to be a compassionate statement, Francis’ tweet strikes a note of resignation, as if we should tip our hat to the state and “compassionately” accompany Alfie to his death. Nothing is mentioned about saving his life nor is there any censure of the medical bureaucracy that kidnapped the child from his parents. This should be utterly condemned.

The only true way to ‘hear the sufferings’ of Alfie’s parents is to honor their requests that their son be given back to them and that everything possible be done to try to save his life. Francis’ tweet perhaps could have read:

“I condemn the arrogance of the medical institution in England that has sought to play God in the life of little Alfie Evans. I declare that everyone must honor the demands of his parents that they be given full custody of their child and that everything be done to save Alfie’s life. And while we heartfully pray for his family and for all who are involved, we especially pray that the cause of life will triumph in this latest round of death vs. life.”

Pope Francis tweets support for Alfie Evans


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