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By —— Bio and Archives--May 31, 2010

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Freedom from bondage is the most spirit lifting event of a lifetime.  It fulfills a yearning that is stronger than even the will to live.  Throughout history millions have died trying to be free, or trying to free others.  Freedom from mental bondage can be just as intense.  Even if that form of bondage is not apparent.  Freedom from false religious, institutional, academic and social bondage is exhilarating.

In my previous four articles on the ‘Big Bang Hypothesis’ I made frequent references to the father of General Relativity and the Time Magazine ‘Man of the Century’ by name.  Rather than continue, and be accused of gratuitous name dropping, we’ll refer to this genius in this article as just ‘Albert’.

My argument against the ‘Big Bang’ seemed the logical freshman Physics student question, “Why is the red shift motion restricted to just motion in the axis directly perpendicular to the viewer ?” 

By allowing the distant light travel path to be curved you were allowing use of all three of the spatial planes.  As an astute reader pointed out, this theory had been proposed before.  Known as the “Godel Metric”, this theory was first presented in 1949, by Einstein friend and fellow Princeton professor, Kurt Godel.

Kurt was a brilliant statistician and possible world class physics theoretician.  He was a close friend to Albert during this period.  Kurt may have been the discoverer of this theory and Albert his proof reader.  Kurt and Albert may have collaborated throughout the development, or Kurt may have been a mouthpiece to give Albert some cover. 

This disclosure was such a fundamental shift in human development that the scrutiny was unbearable.  Following disclosure, Kurt kept himself locked in a darkened office and quickly starved himself to death.  What was so Earth shattering about this theory ?  Albert proclaimed that the Godel Metric was….

“an exact solution of the Einstein Field Equations in which the stress-energy tensor contains two terms….this solution has many strange properties, in particular the existence of closed timeline curves,  which would allow a form of time travel.”

This theory would allow a properly constructed machine to view a holographic like image of past events.  One could not interact with those past events, but could confirm the facts concealed in recorded history.  Freed from your space plane shackles you may now reflect on the implications of this profound Godel Theory.

The Manhattan Project employed over 200,000 people for over three years.  There is documented evidence of partial penetration by spies from Russia, Germany, Spain and Japan, but none had enough evidence to completely expose this ‘shadow government’ operation.  The OSS intelligence operation at the Pentagon had at least that many agents involved in the study of our enemies and allies during WW II.

To claim that there never was a ‘shadow government’ is a blatant lie.  To claim that it no longer exists is a blatant lie.  To claim that the elite do not have access to this shadow government is a blatant lie.  One great blessing to life as a conscious being in this universe is that the truth is always opposed to evil. 

Timing is an important element in disclosure.  The Mount Palomar telescope was completed in 1948 and was just releasing new data on the even greater ‘red shifts’ beyond those discovered by the smaller Hooker telescope.  This may have been the perfect time to disclose an alternative to the ‘Big Bang’ hypothesis.

The presumed shadow government had to either acknowledge this startling concept or spin an elaborate cover story.  Let us review for a moment the cover story options.

Fairy Tale Option List

Option One, the ‘Big Bang’ hypothesis was chosen for the obvious reason that it prevented any discussion of the even more compelling theory that allowed time travel and possibly even teleportation.  There are readily apparent defects in this cover story so an army of theoretical mathematicians have been employed for decades to invent imaginary dimensions, matter and forces to prop up this fairy tale.

Option Two, the ‘closed timeline curve’ would allow humanity to ‘review’ history and verify the exact nature of our past.  To a shadow government, the loss of the ability to ‘spin history’ would reduce the ability to herd the masses into their desired future.  The Godel Metric must therefore be actively destroyed.

Option Three, though not mentioned in any material this author has found, it may be possible that ‘universal time’ is not constant.  What may not be measurable in daily and annual rotation of our planet, may over billions of years, vary in time so this could also cause ‘red shift’ observations.

Option Four, the ‘all of the above’ answer is the Hail Mary answer for the untutored student.  Since Option One and Two are mutually exclusive it could be that the time axis could vary with one or the other, but not both.

The End of Pretend

Pretend you’re the captain of a sleek wooden clipper ship that fell thru a time warp into the future.  You enter a port where towering in dry dock is the largest steel creation you’ve ever seen.  Imagine the shock when the new ships captain claims this ‘boat’ will cross the Atlantic non-stop in five days.  You’re thinking, it’s made of steel so it’s gonna sink in the harbor, it’s too big for the wind to drive and it has NO MASTS OR SAILS.

The new captain hands you a lump of coal and claims that ‘burning’ this rock will propel this ship.  Now the steamship captain sails thru a time warp and enters a harbor where a
Nuclear submarine is preparing to launch.  This thing has no windows, no port holes, no deck and no smokestack. 

This next generation of captain claims that he can sail around the world submerged for a year.  He hands you a lump of Uranium and claims that burning this fuel is all he needs for this voyage.  What about no port holes captain ?  Well, we’ll regenerate Oxygen from the sailors exhaled carbon dioxide.  What about water to drink ?  We’ll remove the salt from sea water and drink that.

Now, stop pretending about time machines.  In theory coal fired steamships can cross the greatest oceans.  In theory nuclear fired submarines can circle the planet submerged.  In theory the Universe in NOT the failed Cartesian Coordinate System model of the ‘Big Bang’ hypothesis.  Reality is the curved space of 1949 Einstein-Godel Model.  What the theories of steam and nuclear power have proven is that all we must do to change reality is to implement theory.  Time travel is just such a theory and we will soon know what sixty years of secret research has developed.  But one thing is certain, we have been intentionally lied to for sixty years.

The Shadow and the Light

It is highly probable that the elite and the shadow team have perfected this theoretical power and used it to reinforce their power base.  By correctly presenting the past they have attracted and held a power base of followers.  The elite have projected that they possess the power to predict the future.  Albert’s calculations on the Godel Metric do not support this possibility.

Two major events underlie the failure of the elites presumed omnipotence.  The fall of the Berlin Wall and the Climate Gate data breech, both show that the elite were not capable of predicting or directing the future.  For humanity, being able to accurately understand our past has limitless potential for directing our future.

There is a powerful force for good in this universe.  Your shackles have been cut.  You are now free to discover real truth and to help free your fellow human captives.  Please share this spirit lifting feeling.  It is time to shine a light on these evil shadows.

[This esoteric diatribe is best viewed after reviewing the previously posted big bang info]

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