Hypocrisy is one of the ways leftist Democrats can feel superior to people who are superior to them

From Sinclair To Ford, Heights of Hypocrisy

By —— Bio and Archives--October 9, 2018

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From Sinclair To Ford, Heights of Hypocrisy
Dr. Christine Blasey Ford may have suffered a sexual attacked at some point in her life, but the evidence did not point to Brett Kavanaugh as the perpetrator of that crime. There was, however, a horrifying reality exposed during the disgraceful Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings.  In today’s society, because a monopolistic leftist propaganda machine serves as the country’s information source, any accusation made by any one of the millions of leftist radicals can destroy a conservative member of Congress, or in any other segment of society for that matter.


Dr. Ford’s 11th-hour testimony where she stated that 36 years prior, while in high school she was sexually attacked by the then 17-year-old Kavanaugh shocked the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee as they concluded the questioning phase of the confirmation process.  Leftist Democrats argued that if true, Kavanaugh would be unfit to serve on the court hence the need for a full investigation. In actuality, as far as the leftist media was concerned, those same leftist Senators could just as easily have said that Kavanaugh would be unfit to serve on the court even if the allegations were not true.

According to the left, if the allegations were proved to be false, Kavanaugh was still unqualified because of the number of accusations.  So, if a false allegation equals zero credible points for the accuser’s side, how many points should be given for 5, 10 or 1000 false accusations?  According to those on the left regarding Kavanaugh, zero plus zero plus zero….. somehow equals a number greater than zero and validates the charges.

In June of 2008, a man from Duluth Minnesota named Larry Sinclair rented space at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to expose what he said was a November 1999 incident where he ingested crack cocaine and had a sexual encounter with then-Senator Barack Obama.  Sinclair, who admitted to committing crimes 20 years earlier including forgery and writing bad checks,  stated he was motivated to come forward because of his love for the country as an American citizen.

Although Sinclair’s testimony was not about an assault made against him, it nevertheless exposed the hypocrisy of the left and how allegations made against a Republican are covered by the leftist media differently than claims made against a Democrat.

The stark contrast in substantive testimony combined with the unbalanced discriminatory treatment of Sinclair by the leftist media is astonishing and revealing.

Sinclair gave his public recollection of the facts nine years after the incident while Ford waited a time period four times longer to tell her story.  Ford was unable to provide the most basic information required to initiate even an elementary investigation, while Sinclaire offered detailed information regarding exact locations, dates, times, and phone numbers as well as giving the attending media printed copies of his fact-filled statement.  Ford, having no corroborating evidence and the evidence that she did supply refuted made no difference to the media’s support for her as she was characterized as “credible.”

Sinclair’s quality and quantity of evidence that far surpassed that of Ford was ignored by the leftist media who portrayed Ford as a champion of all women who suffered a sexual attack and a brave warrior who faced the wrath of old white men sitting in judgment while Sinclair was treated as merely a nut.  In addition, Ford’s allegation was all the leftist media needed to abandon critical thinking and publically humiliate Kavanaugh by publishing additional, outrageous uncorroborated allegations such as the one offered by Julie Swetnick.  In the case of Sinclair’s claim, not a single headline or even a question was asked of Obama by the all-powerful leftist media. 
Hypocrisy is one of the ways leftist Democrats can feel superior to people who are superior to them.  If it weren’t so damaging to the Republic, the left’s openly blatant hypocrisy would be hilarious.  The left’s hypocrisy coupled with a like-minded leftist media gives cover to and perpetuates evil behavior while laying the blame at the doorstep of innocent people.  The fact that the lives of decent people are destroyed in the process is of little or no concern to the radical left.


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