This “water shortage” is an attempt by the elite to create, like global warming, a global fear to be followed by the need for a “special tax” to “fix” the problem

Gasping for Water and Other Lies

By —— Bio and Archives--November 5, 2010

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The “water shortage” wail is an elite ruse that has been around awhile. It is identical to the population explosion cry that says “. . .the planet is over-populated, our resources are rapidly vanishing, and millions are going to starve to death.”  We have six billion (+) people on the planet and enough food to feed them 2,100 calories a day, according to world food experts.  The problem lies, as it always has, in getting food off the docks and past corrupt officials, warlords, dictators, despots, and criminals of all stripes to the people who need it.  The world could feed nine billion if it had too.


The so-called global “food shortages” in 2007-2009 were caused by international land grabbing and food speculators buying up and taking over prime cropland from developing nation farmers who fed their local populations.  The new tenants planted “ethanol” and other crops grown as exports back to the purchasing country’s shelves and refineries.  The process, aided by crooked politicians and “gratuities” from the purchasers,  drove local farmers off their land and food prices beyond what local citizens could afford.

Hence the food riots.  Local farmland is also being bought on speculation by global financial investors to sit on and await its rise in price.  Did I mention elite eugenicists view starvation as a genocide option?

The boys behind the curtain tried to use overpopulation and the CO2 exhales of humanity as one cause contributing directly to global warming, along with cow belches, cow gas, and cow patties. All lies.  Their purpose was to install a global tax on humans at the Copenhagen climate meeting.  It backfired when a hacker put all their files on line for experts like Dr. Tim Ball to review, from which they had been deliberately blocked. The “global warming data,” like over population, revealed itself as contrived lies to scare people so they (the elite) could install a “global tax;” which would have been used to fund their contrived world government and “agenda.”

Now comes water.  In the Western (U.S.) states, the feds hide behind the “Endangered” Species Act and other environmental gibberish to confiscate and claim “ownership” of water flowing across “their (the government’s)  land,” trying to force ranchers and livestock off their own properties. Wayne Hage, a western states rancher, fought the feds over 17 years after they attempted to cut off his water.  A federal judge ruled in his favor.  

In states with little federal “property,” well-heeled entrepreneurs are scurrying about buying up water rights.  So-called “shortages” cries should help drive local as well as global water “markets” up.  The problem, like that with the globe’s “food shortages,” lies in getting water to the places it’s needed.   The same is true for the rest of the planet, with the exception of places like Middle East deserts.

This “water shortage” is an attempt by the elite to create, like global warming, a global fear to be followed by the need for a “special tax” to “fix” the problem, or some such scheme, from which they can make money off humanity.  All lies.

This is how the mega-rich (the elite behind the curtain) have operate for decades—keep the campesinos in the dark while they break out the shears.

The Internet and publications like the CFP is changing all that daily; which is why Oz has negotiated a secret ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) “treaty” with select nations (to be implemented by individual countries in conjunction with “their” laws)  in an attempt to gain “legal” leverage and control over the ‘Net’s use.

Is this a world of opportunity or what? 


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W. R. McAfee is the author of The Cattlemen and Plugger, and is at work on his third book, West of the Cities, a collection of short works about rural America.  McAfee has worked as a reporter and editor for daily newspapers, and has written numerous magazine articles.  A Passing Hand, first published in 1975, was selected as one of the three best short works that year by the Western Writers of America. Between 2000-2004 he completed a series of articles on how the EPA, Endangered Species Act and related legislation was devaluing farm and ranch land; often forcing farmers and ranchers off their property.

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