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German police arrest 6 men, posing as refugees, who planned to carry out a Christmas terror attack

By —— Bio and Archives--November 22, 2017

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German police arrest 6 men, posing as refugees, who planned to carry out a Christmas terror attack
Last December, Germany was rocked when a semi plowed into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin. 12 people were killed, dozens more were injured. The attack was eerily reminiscent of the Nice truck attack, and was eventually determined to have been carried out by a Tunisian asylum seeker on behalf of ISIS.

Angela Merkel (who many believe to be responsible for Germany’s immigration crisis) took a hit in the polls, but it wasn’t enough to derail her political fortunes.  She was elected to a fourth term in September.  At the moment, she’s in political hot water. So, the thought of yet another terror attack tied to the refugee crisis must fill her with dread.

Fortunately for the German people, the police (if not their political leaders) have been proactive.  Authorities in multiple German states have arrested six Syrian men - “refugees” all - who intended to carry out a Christmas terror attack on an unspecified “public target.”

From the New York Times:

On Tuesday, Christian Hartwig, a spokesman for the Frankfurt prosecutor’s office, said that 500 police officers had stormed eight apartments in the German cities of Essen, Hanover, Kassel and Leipzig in early morning raids, and arrested the suspects. The men, ages 20 to 28, had been posing as refugees, Mr. Hartwig said.

He said the men were suspected of acting on behalf of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, and were planning an attack using weapons or explosives. They had arrived in Germany between December 2014 and September 2015, he added, a period when millions of refugees were heading to Europe. All six had applied for asylum, though Mr. Hartwig did not say if they had been granted that status.

The German newspaper Die Welt said that several cellphones, laptops and documents had been seized during the raids. It said that the suspects had arrived in Germany using fake identity papers and that the arrests had followed a tip from other refugees.

The current, anonymously sourced, rumor is that the men were connected to ISIS, and intended to hit the Christmas market in the city of Essen with “weapons or explosives.” 

This, of course, is impossible.  Something must be wrong here, since the global left has assured the world - umpteen-million times - that refugees are, to a man, good, wholesome, honorable people who just want a better life for their families.  No one, they tell us, would pose as a refugee just to carry out a horrific crime.

Murders, beatings, and 1000’s of New Years Eve rapes be damned.  We’re supposed to applaud the audacious bravery of the open borders faithful, and sing the praises of people like Merkel - people who place the importance of third world social engineering above the welfare of their own people.

Kudos to the German police for stopping this most recent plan, but it’s long past time for Europe to get its priorities straightened out.  ...And there’s an object lesson here for those who would see the United States follow the EU’s disastrous example.


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