You didn't know Homeland Security was going to be involved in running ObamaCare, did you? Surprise!

Get ready to hand over your financial life so you can get ObamaCare

By —— Bio and Archives--April 30, 2013

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Apparently the first draft of the form they wanted people to fill out was so long and complicated that even ObamaCare’s biggest supporters were afraid no one could get through it. So now they’re unveiling a “simplified” form that oddly doesn’t sound all that simple:


Although the new forms may be shorter, it’s unclear whether the administration can get rid of all the complexity. That’s because applicants will have to provide detailed snapshots of their incomes to see whether they qualify for government assistance. Individuals will have to gather tax returns, pay stubs and other financial records before filling out the application.

They can’t ask you any health questions, because the insurers who are supposed to pay for all your health care aren’t allowed to know anything about that. But instead, you’ll have the privilege of telling the government your entire financial life’s story so they can decide if you’re worthy of inclusion in the program.

By the way, if you have no insurance and you want it, which would you prefer? Private insurance or Medicaid? Come to think of it, never mind. Just send the government your financial information and a happy collaboration of government agencies will “steer” you toward whichever one they think is best:

Administration officials expect most consumers to apply online through new health insurance marketplaces that will be operating in each state. A single application form will serve to route consumers to either private plans or the Medicaid program. Identification, citizenship and immigration status, as well as income details, are supposed to be verified in close to real time through a federal “data hub” that will involve pinging Social Security, Homeland Security and the Internal Revenue Service.

You didn’t know Homeland Security was going to be involved in running ObamaCare, did you? Surprise!



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