• Documents obtained under Access to Information Act show seven separate contracts with Halifax-based company
• Items include champagne flutes, wine glasses, highball glasses and water goblets, all customized with maple leaf crests

Global Affairs Canada has spent $127k on crystal glass and stemware since 2016

By -- Aaron Wudrick, CTF Federal Director—— Bio and Archives--July 10, 2018

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OTTAWA, ON: Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) Federal Director Aaron Wudrick released documents obtained through Access to Information by the CTF showing that since 2016, Global Affairs Canada has spent more than $127,000 on crystal glassware.

“Apparently it is not possible to find wine glasses or champagne flutes in such places as London, Geneva or Hong Kong,” said Wudrick. “This is what happens when our diplomats choose expensive, customized items and ship them around the globe at great cost to taxpayers.

In total, Global Affairs bought 1,032 glasses at an average cost of $117 apiece. High-end Tiffany’s sells crystal wine glasses for $55 each.

“It’s crazy that the government could actually save money by shopping at Tiffany’s for their wine glasses,” said Wudrick. “It’s crystal clear that $117 glasses are a big waste of taxpayers’ money.”

To view the documents obtained by the CTF under the Access to Information Act click here.


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