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Global Warming Makes People Mean!

By —— Bio and Archives--August 9, 2013

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“Shifts in climate are strongly linked to increases in violence around the world, a study suggests.


US scientists found that even small changes in temperature or rainfall correlated with a rise in assaults, rapes and murders, as well as group conflicts and war.

The team says with the current projected levels of climate change, the world is likely to become a more violent place.”

So NOW we KNOW!  Hot dang! 

Yep!  According to scientists there IS a link between higher temperatures and an increase in crime GLOBALLY.  Who’d a thunk it?

The Greenies are scraping the bottom of the barrel seeking a way, any way, they can to save face and keep that gov’mint money rolling in.

Before we go any further, we need to understand that if this “theory” were true then crime rates the world over ought to be dropping since there has been no warming of temperatures on earth since the late 1990s. 

“The scientists say that with the current projected levels of climate change the world is likely to become a more violent place.

They estimate that a 2C (3.6F) rise in global temperature could see personal crimes increase by about 15%, and group conflicts rise by more than 50% in some regions.” 

Look.  Even the Greenies will admit there hasn’t been any rise in global temperatures in at least, well,  seventeen years. 

You might be interested to know that violent crime—right here in the good ole US of A—has been dropping for at least a couple of decades now.  Somehow, that doesn’t seem to add a whole lot of credence to the “global warming - high crime” theory, now does it?

The article that aroused all of us “deniers” was published online recently by the journal Science.  In the article they thoughtfully provide a formula I call the “Hot/Hit” formula:

“The team of economists even came up with a formula that predicts how much the risk of different types of violence should increase with extreme weather. In war-torn parts of equatorial Africa, it says, every added degree Fahrenheit or so increases the chance of conflict between groups— rebellion, war, civil unrest — by 11 percent to 14 percent.

For the United States, the formula says that for every increase of 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit, the likelihood of violent crime goes up 2 percent to 4 percent.”

(If you are familiar with the LMAO abbreviation used often in text messaging then you will understand what I am doing as I write this!)

If this report seems sort of familiar, well, back in 2008 a similar report was made by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute which said climate change could lead to an increase in crime. The report’s author, Anthony Bergin, deputy director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, predicted global warming would lead to an increase in violent crime and so called ‘climate crime’.  Mr. Bergin is quoted as saying:  “I think as water becomes like liquid gold we’re more likely to see examples of individuals stealing water or siphoning from river systems.” 

I’ll leave it up to you, the reader, to place whatever stock in the report you might think it warrants.  As for me, if I had a hard copy of the report it would go in the “round file.”

I think it is just another case of the greenies dragging out the doomsday drum again. 

Look.  The Global Warming/Climate Change movement has been totally discredited—and yet—the political left has so much invested in it that they cannot allow it to fold up and disappear.  Besides, Obama has yet to get his carbon tax introduced and passed through the Congress.  So, global warming/climate change “awareness” MUST be kept at a high level until that damnable tax is levied on the American citizenry. 

The whole accursed carbon trading, carbon taxing, scheme is a Marxist/Communist plot ... period!  It promotes “redistribution of the wealth.” 

On the website of the World Bank is posted a document that spells it out.  The document is titled:  “Inclusive Green Growth: The Pathway to Sustainable Development.”

In the article it is stated:  “... some observers, mostly in high-income countries, have argued against the need for more growth, suggesting that what is needed instead is a redistribution of wealth.”

The report in the article goes on to outline how a carbon tax could be used to drive a massive redistributive scheme such as the one Senator Barbara Boxer and Rep. Henry Waxman, both democrats from California, are advocating to the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

We all should be aware that plans to pursue a national carbon tax for America are very much alive and well in the US Congress and are quietly, but steadily, making progress.

Not to worry.  The President has made it clear that should his efforts to obtain a carbon tax in the Congress fail, he is more than prepared to get it done by an Executive Order.

For more on this we recommend you read:  “Here comes Team Obama’s carbon tax” written by Phil Kerpen. 

Consider this:  “If the administration has its way, the legacy of ObamaAir could well be massive blackouts and soaring electricity bills for millions of people.” 

So, all the talk about higher global temps causing higher global meanness and soaring crime rates is nothing more than propaganda to prepare you to accept another tax from hell.


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