GOP Congressmen introduce resolution to impeach Rod Rosenstein

By —— Bio and Archives--July 26, 2018

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GOP Congressmen introduce resolution to impeach Rod Rosenstein
For weeks, we’ve been hearing rumors that impeachment proceedings against Rod Rosenstein were right around the corner.  Well, welcome to the other side of the corner.  Tonight, conservatives in the House of Representatives introduced a resolution designed to remove Rosenstein from office. The crux of the effort rests on the DOJ’s refusal to turn over documents that have been the subject of congressional subpoenas.


Via the Washington Examiner:

Rep. Mark Meadows, R.N.C., announced Wednesday evening he had filed a resolution with Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and nine other colleagues to impeach Rosenstein.

“The DOJ has continued to hide information from Congress and repeatedly obstructed oversight — even defying multiple Congressional subpoenas. We have had enough,” the House Freedom Caucus chairman tweeted.

Mark Meadows wrote on Twitter:


Over at The Hill, they have the following quote:

“For 9 months we’ve warned them consequences were coming, and for 9 months we’ve heard the same excuses backed up by the same unacceptable conduct. Time is up and the consequences are here. It’s time to find a new Deputy Attorney General who is serious about accountability and transparency,” Meadows said in a statement.

“Multiple times we’ve caught DOJ officials hiding information from Congress, withholding relevant documents, or even outright ignoring Congressional subpoenas—and now we have evidence that Mr. Rosenstein signed off on a document using unverified political opposition research as a cornerstone of a FISA application to spy on an American citizen working for the Trump campaign,” Meadows continued.

Obviously, this is still unfolding, so we’ll have more as we know more…


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