Kavanaugh Nomination: Call the vote and confirm him immediately. It’s the only way to respond to this travesty

GOP senators to Kavanaugh accuser: You’re running out of time to testify

By —— Bio and Archives--September 20, 2018

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GOP senators to Kavanaugh accuser: You’re running out of time to testify
Since this has never been anything but a delay tactic, there’s no sense accommodating it when the demands of the delayers are becoming increasingly nonsensical.

No one is trying to deny Christine Ford the right to be heard. Indeed, Republican senators are urging her to come forward and speak, and she’s the one who’s refusing to do so unless completely absurd conditions are met first. The only reasonable response to that is exactly the one she’s getting: Put up or shut up, and do it quickly:


Republicans are resisting all Democratic efforts to slow and perhaps block what once seemed a smooth path to confirmation that would promote the conservative appeals court judge by the Oct. 1 opening of the Supreme Court’s new term. A substantial delay could push confirmation past the November elections, when Democrats have a shot at winning Senate control, plus allow more time for unforeseen problems to pop up.

There were signs the GOP’s strategy of planning a nationally televised hearing yet also offering Ford the option to testify privately was keeping possible Republican defections in check. The party controls the Senate 51-49 and the Judiciary panel by 11-10, so it cannot afford GOP “no” votes.

Moderate GOP Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, who’s had her share of clashes with Trump, said she hoped Ford would reconsider a decision not to testify and “it’s not fair to Judge Kavanaugh” if she refuses. “Otherwise, there are these very serious allegations hanging over the head of a nominee who has emphatically denied them,” she said on radio WVOM in Bangor.

Going further, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said Democrats’ demands for an FBI investigation were a ploy to delay a confirmation vote. “It is imperative the Judiciary Committee move forward on the Kavanaugh nomination and a committee vote be taken as soon as possible,” the committee member said in a statement.

As for a possible FBI intervention, Grassley said in his letter to Ford’s lawyers, “We have no power to commandeer an Executive Branch agency into conducting our due diligence.”


If they’re not getting Susan Collins, then this whole thing has been for nothing. If Ms. Ford thought her story would be compelling and would cause any senator to reconsider confirming Kavanaugh, she would be eager to come forward and tell it. The fact that she keeps coming up with excuses not to tells me she is far from confident that anything she has to say will stand up under public scrutiny.

But the point of this was never to let Ford tell the story while a nation watched riveted. The point was to lead it, spread innuendo and use the atmosphere of suspicion as an excuse to delay the vote until after the mid-term elections when Democrats might win enough seats to stop confirmation. It’s been a set-up from the start, and an obvious one, because the left is that threatened by the possibility that this could be its last chance for a generation or more to obtain a Supreme Court majority.

It will do anything to stop Brett Kavanaugh, no matter how ruthless and underhanded. I’m not even sure what we’re seeing now is the worst they’ll do.

Call the vote and confirm him immediately. It’s the only way to respond to this travesty.


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