Conservatives are preparing to bolt the party and wipe the dust of the GOP off their feet on the way out

GOP Will Bring Amnesty Back After Election

By —— Bio and Archives--February 11, 2014

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They’ve lost what little trust I had in them.  The Establishment Republicans in the US House of Representatives, I mean.


Let me be clear.  If the GOP manages to pass amnesty for illegal aliens through the House of Representatives before November of 2016, they will have to ram it down the throats of the conservative base.  If they are prepared to do that, then we invite then to, by all means, go for it.  But they should be prepared to assume minority party status in a three party system afterwards.

I say that because conservatives are preparing to bolt the party and wipe the dust of the GOP off their feet on the way out. 

If the conservatives pull out, you can stick a fork in the GOP, for it will be done.

It’s time also for the Tea Party to begin throwing it’s considerable weight around.  I would respectfully suggest that the Tea Party leaders need to huddle and come up with new plans to further the conservative cause within the GOP and the Congress as a whole.  We all know where “nice guys” finish.

In an article entitled: “Memo to Conservatives: Republicans Aren’t Your Friends”  authored by Matthew Vadum at Canada Free Press, Mr. Vadum says the following:  “Republicans are nice people.  Too many Republicans think it’s wrong to criticize other Republicans. This failure to be forthright has had consequences.  It has allowed the Republican Party to take up political space it has no business occupying as it embraces left-wing statist tyranny.  Much of the time, the GOP is merely Democrat-lite.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) are so dangerously out of touch and out of control nowadays in part because other Republicans have allowed them to get that way.  Boehner and McConnell regard conservatives as a nuisance to be overcome, co-opted, subverted, and if necessary, eliminated.

A new way of thinking is required.”

I could not agree more with Mr. Vadum.  It is time for the Tea Party to say to the establishment republicans:  “You owe us—BIG TIME—and we are here to collect!  No more relegation to the back benches of the House or Senate. We want committee chairs and positions on committees and any other power position within which conservatives can boost the conservative agenda.”

I left the Republican Party after approximately 50 years as a registered Republican. I left for two reasons—the GOP’s swing to the left and the manner in which the establishment Republicans continued to treat conservative Republicans—to wit—as if conservatives were the red-headed step child.

Again, I agree with Mr. Vadum when he says: “The time has come for conservatives in the Republican Party to stop being nice.  RINOs Karl Rove (who nearly lost George W. Bush the presidency twice), Boehner, McConnell, and the rest of the GOP congressional leadership have declared war on the Tea Party, the same movement to which the Republican Party owes its continuing existence.  Boehner would not be speaker of the House if the Tea Party hadn’t boosted the GOP in 2010 and 2012.” —

Some claim the GOP establishment have declared war against the Tea Party.  If that is true, they should be aware they will lose.  See, the Tea Party IS the grassroots of the Republican Party.  That means the establishment will be pitted against the base, the foundation of their party and any damage done will be to themselves and not to the conservative base.

I am still convinced the GOP plans to pass Amnesty ... “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” SOON.  It appears we conservatives may have momentarily frightened them away from action before the November elections.  However, I feel certain they will revive the issue and pass some form of Amnesty—quickly—after the November election. 

The indications are there:  “The Department of Homeland Security is already preparing to implement immigration reform legislation, according to DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson.

“When reform legislation is enacted, DHS must be prepared to implement reform. So to prepare for this potential outcome, I have already directed the deputy director of homeland security to coordinate the process to ensure we are ready to implement the law,” Johnson said Friday at the Woodrow Wilson International Center, during his first major policy address since becoming DHS’s fourth secretary.”
And then there is this:  “National Review Online reached out to Goodlatte’s (Bob Goodlatte R., Va., chairman of the House Judiciary Committee) office several times regarding the drafting of new legislation, the possibility of that legislation being drafted this year, and whether or not Chairman Goodlatte had ruled out that possibility. The responses from a committee aide suggest that he hasn’t.”

The article at National Review Online continues:  “It’s understandable, of course, for politicians to keep their options open. But it also underscores the point that the media doom and gloom surrounding immigration reform in the House is entirely overblown.”

We recommend you read the entire article at National Review Online at: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/370641/goodlatte-wont-rule-out-new-immigration-legislation-andrew-stiles

America desperately needs a two-party system rather than the one and-a-half party system we have now.  We can’t do that as long as the GOP is riven in twain as it is today.

America stands at a critical moment in its history and now is not the time for division, derision, and/or contemptible conduct to weaken the resolve of those who wish to conduct the nation back towards its constitutional foundation.

Sadly, if the GOP cannot pull itself together, then there appears no recourse except that which allows for conservatives to split from the party—and found a party of their own.  At the moment it may appear the least appealing, but it may, in the long run, save the nation.

It is an exasperating situation for those of us who dwell on the political right.  With a resounding victory at hand, one we can almost taste, to have the engine that drives our conservative train faltering when the finish line is in sight is immeasurably frustrating. 

If I could grasp the GOP by the shoulders, I’d shake the heck out of them and exclaim in their collective faces:  “Pull it together, people!” 

A final reminder:  If the GOP is truly serious about ridding itself of conservatives, Tea Party and otherwise, then all they need do is pass any form of immigration reform that allows a so-called pathway for citizenship—amnesty—for the illegal aliens within our borders.

When the southern border with Mexico is secured, THEN and only THEN can we seriously look at immigration reform. 

Look.  Two hundred years before Christ walked this earth, the Chinese began building a wall that eventually stretched 13,170 miles long and across 15 provinces.  America can place a man on the moon, a robot on Mars, and a telescope in space that (they tell us) has the potential of seeing all the way back to the moment of creation—but we can’t seem to build a wall (or fence) only 1,954 miles long?

All that is needed is the political will to get the job done.  (Speaking of jobs ... how many jobs would building that wall create?)


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