Israel develops another high-tech solution against arson devices launched from Gaza that have already caused massive destruction

GOSHAWK – the drone that shoots fire kites out of the sky

By —— Bio and Archives--July 25, 2018

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GOSHAWK – the drone that shoots fire kites out of the sky
As “fire kites” and flaming helium balloons continue to plague Israeli communities along the Gaza border, Israeli entrepreneurs have been working feverishly to solve the problem using the latest technology.


Hundreds of fires from the kites have devastated agricultural fields, wildlife and nature reserves on the Israeli side of the border, causing damage estimated in the millions of shekels. This week, an incendiary balloon landed in an Israeli preschool yard while children played outside, putting increased pressure on the IDF to stop the fires.

Entering the fray is a new autonomous drone system from Beersheva-based RoboTiCan,that uses optic sensors to identify the launch of airborne arson devices.

Once identified, the RoboTiCan system, called GOSHAWK (a goshawk is a bird of prey), launches a separate drone to neutralize the fire kite. The entire process is handled without human intervention.

Israel’s Hadashot news reported this week that the GOSHAWK system has been deployed in the field in recent weeks and has already “seen some success.”

GOSHAWK was meant to counter threats by drones, the type that have come over the Syrian border. But it works for the fire kites just as well.—More…


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