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Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D., NY): When you get to the Pearly Gates, God asks 'Have you been a good progressive?'

By —— Bio and Archives--March 8, 2018

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D., NY): When you get to the Pearly Gates, God asks 'Have you been a good progressive?'
Even if I had no idea that it was 2018, I’d know that this was an election year.  That’s because, during every single election cycle, Democrat candidates start pretending they have a direct line to God.  It never fails.  That guy they booed out of their convention suddenly becomes the most important thing on Earth, and they just can’t wait to tell you that they know what he thinks about their policies.

Enter New York Governor - and uber-leftists - Andrew Cuomo.  He’s sure that, when you get to the pearly gates, the Lord will demand to know what exactly you’ve done to implement progressive policies.

Apparently, only if you have the proper left-wing record will you be allowed entry into heaven.


As Cuomo says:

“I believe when you go to the Pearly Gates and our Lord says, ‘Have you been a good progressive?’ He says, ‘Show me the list of what you got done.’

And I have accomplished more progressive results in this state than have been accomplished by any administration - and I believe that is factually, objectively irrefutable.”

Cuomo then ran through all his many progressive positions.  ...Except one.

A: I thought St. Peter was the guy with the keys to the kingdom.  I’d assume the Lord is too busy to examine each soul’s Democrat Party voting record.

B: Cuomo seems to think that being a good progressive will be a net positive. I’m not as convinced. He conveniently forgets that he’s big on abortion. In fact, he has stated that one of his primary goals is assuring that abortions are available all the way into the ninth month of pregnancy.  If that and funding Planned Parenthood are on the list of what he’s done to support progressive legislation, I’m not so sure the big guy upstairs is going to be too thrilled with him.


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