Finally, under the Brainless New Deal, people who work in manufacturing, the oil and transportation industries will lose their jobs. Millions of Americans will be unemployed, and there will be shortages of everything from food to clothing

Green New Deal or the Brainless New Deal

By —— Bio and Archives--February 15, 2019

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Green New Deal or the Brainless New DealWhen I heard that Sen. Mitch McConnell said he would bring the Green New Deal to the Senate floor for a vote, I was totally surprised. What is McConnell thinking?

What were the authors thinking when they wrote it? It’s not only total nonsense, it’s based on a false premise that ignores reality.

In the first place, earth’s climate is governed by the output of the sun, which varies, earth’s orbit, which varies, and earth’s tilt, which also varies. On top of that, water vapor is a much more potent green house gas, and earth’s atmosphere is full of water vapor. As a matter of fact, earth would turn into a frozen wasteland without it. The climate change scare is nothing more than a red herring designed to expand government control over the activities of people. People who support the Green New Deal are either uninformed dreamers or useful idiots, or both.


Furthermore, people who signed on to the communist inspired Green New Deal, herein referred to as the Brainless New Deal, are misleading their followers. Even if it could be implemented, it would throw America back to a time before steam. The Brainless New Deal would do away with air travel, eliminate personal transportation such as cars and negatively impact freedom of movement. It would also eliminate over the road trucking and negatively impact interstate and local commerce. That’s because every city in America is supplied by trucks with internal combustion engines.

In addition, even if railroads could be expanded to go to every city in America, trucks would still be necessary to distribute everything brought in by trains. Then we have to ask how they expect to power the trains. Even if the trains could all be electrified, how would all the additional electricity be generated without burning coal or oil? Nuclear fuel is not the answer because it’s a much bigger threat to life on earth than carbon based fuels. Coal fueled power plants do not melt down and turn the surrounding land into an uninhabitable wasteland like nuclear power plants do. Think Chernobyl and Fukushima. I won’t mention deadly nuclear waste from power plants that remains deadly for centuries.

Moreover, steel mills and manufacturing would grind to a halt without carbon based fuels. It requires enormous amounts of heat to manufacture steel. On top of that, every aspect of modern life relies on carbon based fuels and that includes farming. Farm output would grind to a halt and food would become as scarce as hen’s teeth under the Brainless New Deal. That’s because all farm equipment runs on carbon based fuels. Farmers can’t grow crops without tractors that use internal combustion engines.

Then there’s the problem of heating homes without carbon based fuels. People living above the Mason Dixon line, who support the Brainless New Deal, are in for a rude awakening. I suggest they turn off their carbon fueled heat for one week to see what it’s going to be like living under the Brainless New Deal. If they think the answer is electric heat, then they are in for another rude awakening. The current condition of the electrical grid in America will not support the additional demand for power. Just the electrification of all cars would require an extensive expansion of the grid and the addition of thousands of new power plants just to recharge car batteries.

By the way, when I lived in Connecticut, I relied on a fuel oil furnace with baseboard heat that functioned without electrical power, and it was a lifesaver. Without carbon based fuels, winter storms, that take down the power lines, will leave homes without any heat at all. It’s difficult to understand how anybody who lives in the north could be so gullible as to support the Brainless New Deal.

Finally, under the Brainless New Deal, people who work in manufacturing, the oil and transportation industries will lose their jobs. Millions of Americans will be unemployed, and there will be shortages of everything from food to clothing. It will make the great depression look like the good old days and Venezuela look like a paradise. The Brainless New Deal is a fool’s errand. If anything like it ever passes, make sure to buy several years worth of toilet paper and stock up on dried beans.


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