If Justin Trudeau wants to live within an illusory world of happy-go-lucky globalism, let him do it off-camera, and not as the host of a spectacle Canadians never wanted to see broadcast in the first place

Guessing Game: The Unfathomable World Of Canada’s Liberal Government

By —— Bio and Archives--March 1, 2016

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As with most fifty-somethings born and raised in Canada, I grew up in a world previous to the age of the internet. In terms of screen time, our choices were limited to watching T.V. or going to the local movie theatre. During this time period— basically the decade of the 1970s— television entertainment consisted mainly of cop shows, sit-coms and game shows.

When considering the present-day political landscape within our country, it is difficult not to conclude the entire spectrum has something of a game-show quality about it. Indeed, from a public perspective, the ruling Liberal Party program has all the components of a high-stakes guessing game.

The host of the show is, of course, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In terms of priorities as leader of our nation, it is almost impossible to guess what’s behind “door number one,” nor any other door which may shed light on the unfathomable Trudeau mindset.

Indeed, for Trudeau and his gang of cryptic government leaders, the price is never right. What was that deficit number again, Minister Morneau? Did Canadians hear 10 billion? If we did, we certainly heard wrong, as the projected number has increased faster than a speeding bullet across our prairie provinces.

What’s behind door number two, Justin? Could it be 35,000 welfare-receiving refugees? 50,000? No one knows—including Immigration Minister John McCallum, a man who appears just as confused as the 70% of Canadians who want the intake quota capped at the original number of 25,000.

In need of free food, accommodation, transportation, education and medical care? Come on down! That is, as long as you are a refugee from a Middle Eastern nation. All homeless Canadians— including thousands of military veterans— please take your seat at the back of the studio audience— the Liberal performance is strictly for international viewers.

Canada’s ruling party is going far beyond giving away fridges and stoves to runner-up contestants. Their financial policies are more of the “who-wants-to-be-a-billionaire?” variety. Thus far into his tenure— a mere four months at the helm— Justin Trudeau has delivered a bank account-breaking $5.4 billion dollars into the hands of foreign governments. 

Meanwhile, back in parliament, the floor show has come to resemble a politically correct version of musical chairs. In a nutshell, the chairs occupied by Canadian-born male politicians are being pulled from underneath. Justin Trudeau doesn’t care for “old school” politics, whereby a government portfolio goes to the best qualified candidate. Indeed, our international man of mystery could not hold himself back from introducing social engineering into government— by way of ensuring third world immigrants were placed into key parliamentary positions. Never mind the fact that his agenda undermines 150 years of democratic process— Canadian history being of no concern to a “progressive” PM such as Justin.

Will these measures satiate his hungry pack of globalists? Of course not—nothing ever does. As it happens, the Liberals also have plans to revise Canada’s electoral system. What do Canadian citizens have to say about this? Naturally, nothing at all— for the simple reason that the public have been shut out of the conversation—not unlike when father Pierre Trudeau decided to eradicate our bi-cultural heritage by way of multicultural policy.

Still, the show must go on. Will the drama continue to resemble a sequel to father Pierre’s socialist preoccupations? Will public opinion continue to be as meaningless as it was when Trudeau Sr. bypassed the citizens of our nation to personally reimagine Canada’s national destiny?

For a minimum of four years, indeed it will. As long as Canada has a prime minister of the Trudeau variety, our political climate will continue to resemble a never-ending episode of Hollywood Squares, northern-style.

Unfortunately, Canadians are not living in a game show. If Justin Trudeau wants to live within an illusory world of happy-go-lucky globalism, let him do it off-camera, and not as the host of a spectacle Canadians never wanted to see broadcast in the first place.

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Brad Salzberg is the founder of the Cultural Action Party of Canada.

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