"Our parents don't know how to use our f****** democracy"

Gun control hero David Hogg: He has to push gun control because 'old-# parents' aren't

By —— Bio and Archives--March 26, 2018

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Gun control hero David Hogg: He has to push gun control because 'old-# parents' aren't

I sort of hate to do this because the kid has been exploited enough, although there’s no question he’s looking for the attention. The point is not to run him down for being the way he his. He’s a 17-year-old kid for crying out loud. What do you expect from him?

The point, rather, is to simply ask this question: Is the sole reason he’s become the face of the gun control movement the fact that he drops f-bombs like they’re crumbs in the forest? Or more broadly, that he’s so willing to lead with his crude indignation and cast aspersions on absolutely everyone - including his own parents - who hasn’t already made gun violence a thing of the past?


He doesn’t sound dumb. But he leads with his anger, not with his brains, and I guess that’s what appeals to the left these days.

The problem with Hogg and people like him, needless to say, is that they think it’s an easy problem to solve, and that putting the answers in place merely require political will, or “standing up to the f****** NRA,” or whatever. If not for the cowardice of those old-# adults, it would be done already.

Then again, when the interviewer asks him the best question in the whole video - what would the legislation look like if you drew it up - he acts like it’s unreasonable to expect him to have an answer. “I’m f****** 17 years old!”

Well yes, and as such he doesn’t really know all that much about public policy, or the roots of gun violence, or even guns for that matter. Perfectly understandable for anyone who’s f****** 17. And yet he’s put in front of us daily as the authority to whom we must listen.

He sure is mad. He sure swears a lot. But he doesn’t actually seem to know any more than anyone else about how to actually solve the problem . . . which is kind of a problem in its own right.


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