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Haley: Yes, we’re sending a full Olympic team to the South Korea games

By —— Bio and Archives--December 11, 2017

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Haley: Yes, we're sending a full Olympic team to the South Korea games
I’m not sure who, exactly, thought we were going to ignore the Olympics to coddle Kim Jong Un. I mean, if Hitler didn’t keep us away from the games, Bowl Cut Jr. certainly isn’t going to. Maybe they just needed to fill a news cycle, or perhaps they were hoping to see the Norks score a symbolic win over Trump, the usual media goons seemed eager to take Nikki Haley’s comments about Olympic security in the worst possible way.

Sane people knew what she meant.

Now, all Winter Olympics fans can relax, since she’s clarified her earlier comments in an interview with Chris Wallace. No, we’re not skipping the games, yes, we’re sending our full team, and yes, we’re still concerned about security - as we should be.

“Yes, the full U.S. Olympic Team.”

On his Sunday show, Wallace asked point blank if we were sending the U.S. Olympic Team to Pyeongchang:

“Yes, we are. The only thing is we are doing in this Olympics what we’ve done in every single Olympics. If you look back, we have always talked about security in the Olympics.  We’ve always talked about keeping our athletes safe, this is no different. And we are looking at the circumstances just to make sure we’re doing everything we can. We’re at the locations, we’re starting to secure the process, but we always look out for the best interests of United States citizens. 

But yes, there will be a delegation that goes and we will do everything we can to make sure they’re safe. “

Wallace pressed her, asking if a ‘delegation’ meant the full team.

“Yes, the full U.S. Olympic Team.”



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