Unless you decide to be intimidated. So don’t. Let them sigh all they want.

Here’s why liberals keep trying to silence conservatives, and what we can do about it

By —— Bio and Archives--May 17, 2018

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Here’s why liberals keep trying to silence conservatives, and what we can do about it
If you can think back this far, you might remember a key moment during one of the 2000 presidential debates between George W. Bush and Al Gore. Gore was losing his patience with the things Bush was saying, and appeared clearly irritated that he had to keep dealing with it.

And he expressed all this with a big sigh. That sigh was more meaningful than people realized. It signified the left’s complete indignation over the idea that conservative thought even exists and has to be dealt with.


The way the left sees it, it is their divine right to exercise political power in the service of their ideas, and conservatives who insist on questioning their ideas are annoying gnats getting in the way of their destiny. We are not worthy of debating, engaging or listening to.

We are merely in the way.

When you observe how often conservative speech is being silenced and oppressed these days, you need to understand that this is what’s behind it. The left wants to live in a world in which their ideas are the only ones that get heard, because that is how they can obtain power and hang onto it – unchallenged – forever.

This is why:

Owners of conservative sites like ours – as well as my fellow ABCs (American Black Conservatives) Diamond and Silk – have noticed that the change in Facebook’s algorithm certainly seems to be hurting our traffic more than it’s hurting anyone else’s, and we somehow don’t think that’s a coincidence.

Popular conservative speakers like Ben Shapiro are violently being denied the opportunity to speak at some universities.

Kanye West was verbally attacked on social media for daring to say something nice about the president liberals hate, and for complimenting a Turning Point spokesperson, Candice Owens, for being outspoken about black people thinking for themselves.

Representative Maxine Waters even said that Kanye was “speaking out of turn”, and should not talk so much. I don’t think the Constitution designates who gets to speak first, second, third or not at all, which is what Maxine and other liberals would prefer.

ABC is now saying Roseanne will be less political. The earlier shows stood up for conservative points of view and President Trump, but the content did not fit with ABC’s 91 percent negative coverage of the president, so they want to tone it down. Roseanne Barr herself said they’re not changing a thing, so we’ll see.

Late-night comedy has become so anti-Trump that it’s not even funny anymore.

Why is this everywhere? Because the left has one game plan, and that’s to marginalize conservative thought such that people don’t even deem it worthy of being heard. We hate the poor. We’re racists and sexists. We’re bigots. We’re whatever. And the only thing to be done with us is to get us quiet and out of the way so the correct, proper people can impose the policies they know are correct.

So how do we solve the problem? Simple. Keep talking!

Don’t be intimidated when they attack you on Twitter. Don’t change the content of your message to please haters. Don’t try to appease the left when they threaten you. Don’t apologize. Don’t back down.

You know what you believe. Keep saying it. Their tactics only work when they intimidate us, so simply don’t let them. They can threaten all the boycotts and protests they want, and they often intimidate corporate CEOs who just don’t want any trouble.

But if you’re really committed to what you believe, then keep believing it and keep saying it. No one has the right to silence you.

Unless you decide to be intimidated. So don’t.

Let them sigh all they want.


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