“There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other"

Hillary endorses Cuomo over Cynthia Nixon – is she headed for a ‘special place in hell?’

By —— Bio and Archives--May 25, 2018

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Hillary endorses Cuomo over Cynthia Nixon – is she headed for a ‘special place in hell?’
Let’s get one thing straight.  Hillary Clinton doesn’t give a damn about supporting women. In fact, she doesn’t really care about anything.  To the Clintons, every single issue is a talking point – an exploitable moment – and nothing more.

So, after a 2016 campaign that focused Hillary’s white-hot glare upon the idea that women absolutely must support female candidates, is anyone really surprised that she’s chosen not to do so herself? Of course not.


According to Hillary, via CNN: She’s endorsing Andrew Cuomo over challenger Cynthia Nixon in the New York Governor’s race.

Speaking as President Donald Trump met with law enforcement and local leaders only a half-hour away in Bethpage, Hillary Clinton endorsed Cuomo in a brief address to delegates, shortly after 95% of them voted earlier to nominate the governor for a third term. Former Vice President Joe Biden is expected to do the same on Thursday.

“We need leaders who stand up for progressive values and stand up to those who try turn neighbor against neighbor and sow seeds of division,” said Clinton, who never mentioned Trump by name. “Most of all we need leaders who believe in producing results and getting things done.”

Despite the fact that the rest of the country just wants her to go away, Cuomo was overcome with joy to get the Hillary endorsement.

Cuomo, who wasn’t scheduled to appear here on Wednesday, greeted Clinton onstage after her speech with a bouquet, then complimented her during a chat with reporters afterward.

“Having Hillary Clinton here is a great treat,” he said. “You know, we now talk about female empowerment and the #MeToo movement. Hillary Clinton was in many ways, in my opinion, a great champion for women empowerment when it was hard. And she really was a pioneer.”

Isn’t that nice? All the progressives are just getting along so well.  It’s lovely to see.  Except…  It was just a couple of years ago that Madeleine Albright appeared at a Hillary event and made the proclamation that “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.”

How quickly they forget.  At the time Albright was addressing the fact that women were opting out of the Clinton nightmare in favor of Bernie or Trump.  However, if she and Mrs. Clinton were right, shouldn’t Hillary be supporting Cynthia Nixon’s gubernatorial bid? Why does she hate women?

Is Hillary Clinton going to Hell?  …You know, for this?

Madeleine Albright: There is a “Special Place in Hell” for Women


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