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Hillary in ‘16: Questioning election legitimacy horrifying; Hillary now: Election was illegitimate!

By —— Bio and Archives--November 20, 2017

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Hillary in '16: Questioning election legitimacy is horrifying; Hillary now: Election outcome was illegitimate!
I know it will shock you to learn that Hillary Clinton will say anything if she thinks it’s in her best interests, and then will totally abandon or contradict what she said if she no longer thinks it serves her interests. It’s not news for me to tell you that.

What seems like news in this case is just how brazen she is in being this shameless about it. Yet is it really that remarkable? Hillary has done this her entire adult life, and she’s rarely if ever been called on it. When you’ve always done something and always gotten away with it, what’s it to you that your behavior is obvious couldn’t fool a five-year-old?

Hillary “Horrified”

If this, say this. If that, say that. Rinse, repeat. Worry not about authenticity. It’s never been a problem before.

So, if you’ll recall, Hillary pronounced herself “horrified” after one of the debates with Trump when he said he’d wait and see before committing to support the outcome of the election. That, she said, could simply not be in our precious democracy.

Hillary in 2016:



That, of course, was when Hillary assumed she was going to win.

What’s she saying now? Hillary granted an interview last week to the left-wing rag Mother Jones, and her comments on the legitimacy of the election come a few minutes in. Hillary in 2017:

Now look, it’s beneath us to prattle on about Hillary’s “hypocrisy.” Everyone who advocates virtue is a hypocrite to some degree and I’d rather have hypocrites like that than people who both practice and preach evil.



Continued below...

The problem with Hillary is not hypocrisy. It’s that she never means anything she says, and even if she kinda sorta believed it in a moment, she’d reverse course on a dime if she thought that would serve her interests. Not only that, but she would expect you to accept her agility without the slightest note that she is completely full of crap.

If you want to look a little deeper, you might also note just how little Hillary respects the voters, she since she seems convinced that completely absurd fake news headlines on social media influenced voters and turned the electoral college against her in Wisconsin. I wonder if Hillary has ever spent time on social media or seen any of this nonsense. Because if she had, it’s hard to believe she’d think anyone with an IQ higher than 3 would think it was real or be influenced by it. But that assumes some real-world context for Hillary’s understanding of anything, and I’m not sure that’s a safe assumption by any means.

Also, don’t fail to understand that when Hillary talks about “voter suppression,” she’s talking about nothing more than requiring people to prove they’re who they say they are by showing some sort of ID, just like you have to do when you buy booze.

Ultimately, Hillary’s message to America is this: Ignore the fact that I’m full of s*** and take everything I say seriously. You owe me that!

I mean, we did deny her birthright, sticking her instead with the mantle of Person Who Managed To Lose To Donald Trump. No wonder she’s cackling such nonsense.

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