Keep it up Hillary, you're hurting your party

Hillary says she’s like ‘Paula Revere’ - sounding the alarm about how Russia cost her the election

By —— Bio and Archives--September 20, 2017

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Last night Hillary Clinton brought her desperate, delusional, blame game to the Stephen Colbert show so that ‘non-deplorables’ could give it the praise she feels it deserves.  The interview was a saccharine, fawning, adulatory affair that should make any sane person feel embarrassed for the show’s host. While there, she once again dragged out her list of reasons that she was denied her rightful ascension. Misogyny, voter suppression, and James Comey all got shout-outs before she lowered the boom on her favorite target: The Russian Boogeyman.

“I believe so strongly they believe they succeeded in messing with our democracy and I just can’t abide that.”

Hillary was then asked how, exactly, they managed this nefarious feat.

“...Influencing voters, and therefore, influencing opinion. I think is becoming clearer and clearer. I don’t know what the congressional investigations, and I don’t know what the special counsel investigation is going to find. I’m going to wait for that.

I am saying, as clearly as I can - I feel like a bit of a ‘Paula Revere.’ I’m trying to sound the alarm on this.”

And there it is.  If Hillary really wants to examine “what happened,” it’s right there in that clunker of an awkward, obviously-focus-tested applause line. She’s simply so impersonal, so painfully rehearsed, and so thoroughly inauthentic that she’s incapable of connecting with anyone other than hardcore Democrats and coastal leftists.  As multiple Dems have said, there’s nothing about her (or the party) that’s appealing to middle America.

Her lumbering one-liners may play to Colbert’s audience – and even there the laughter was strained – but they cause nothing but eye rolls for the rest of us.

Still, if she wants to keep trying to sell this manure, she’s more than welcome to do so.  It’s hurting her, causing stagnation and rifts within her party, and weakening the Dems’ 2018 and 2020 chances.

All I’d say is this: The only thing Hillary has in common with Paul Revere is that neither of them went to Wisconsin.  As I’ve said so many times before, her loss was her own creation.  The only person she has to blame is staring at her in the mirror.

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