Hillary: ‘We are going to take back the country’ – wait, I thought that was racist, or unpatriotic, or...something

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Hillary: ‘We are going to take back the country’
Saying horrible things like “take back our country” used to be racist.  It used to be regressive, bigoted, un-patriotic, backwards, and, well, deplorable. It was a sign that you were just too stupid – too much of a white-nationalist backwoods hillbilly – to understand the fundamental greatness of Barack Obama, The Democratic Party, Socialism, and Mrs. Hillary Clinton.


Then Donald Trump wandered into town and served the left its collective rear end on a silver platter.

Now, it’s apparently A-OK to yell about “taking back” the country you supposedly love, especially if you’re a shrill 2016 loser that just will. not. go. away. This news comes to us from the DNC Women’s Leadership forum, where Dems are eager to portray Donald Trump as the best thing that ever happened to their party.  Yes, really:

So, to sum up:

  • Mad Maxine still thinks she’s going to impeach Trump before her race-baiting craziness lands her in a padded room at the local laughing academy.
  • Hillary wants to Make America Great Again, by dragging it back to the failed, rejected, policies of the past.
  • The DNC is completely delusional and is desperately trying to ignore Trump’s polling numbers

All in all, that’s a great way to end a week.  …If you’re hoping to never see the Democrats win another election.


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