Their message to Americans: You can't do anything for yourself, and you will die if the government doesn't provide for you

House Democrats go right for the scare tactics in response to Trump budget proposal

By —— Bio and Archives--May 23, 2017

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Did you know you will not have anything to eat if the government doesn’t give you something? Did you know there’s no way to get health care if the government doesn’t provide you with insurance? Did you know that you will be thrown into poverty if you’re not the beneficiary of a government welfare program?

Did you know all this? Neither did I. Because it’s all nonsense. But now that President Trump’s full budget proposal is out, House Democrats have jumped right into the scare tactics designed to make you believed you are doomed - doomed! - without Washington’s ever-increasing generosity toward you.

Consider what they are really saying to you just in this one tweet:

We’re talking about a budget that proposes to cut an average of about $300 billion a year from a nearly $4 trillion budget, although this happens gradually over the course of 10 years. Even if that happens, the federal government will still spend more per year than it was spending when Barack Obama first took office. That’s hardly an austerity budget.

Yet to listen to these Democrats, this very modest spending cut brings us to the end of times.

Specifically, they think very small cuts in federal welfare programs will throw “millions” of people into poverty. Consider the logic of that. For one thing, millions of people need federal welfare to stay out of poverty, then we’ve got a serious problem both with our economy and with our culture, and we need to radically change the way we’re doing things. But why should the Democrats assume that without these federal giveaways, people will not be able to find another way to supplement their income? If you’re one of the people now benefiting from these programs, Democrats don’t think much of you. They are absolutely convinced you can’t find a way to improve your situation on your own.

Do you share their low opinion of you?

“Ripping health care from families”

As for the bit about “ripping health care from families,” it’s hard to imagine a bigger lie than that. Repealing ObamaCare and replacing it with the American Health Care Act will replace a system that has never worked well and is now in complete collapse. It will stablize the health insurance market for most people while providing funds to take care of people who have pre-existing conditions or who otherwise fall through the cracks - which by the way is not nearly as many people as they would have you believe.

Just because you change the way people access health care doesn’t mean you take it away from anyone. But to a Democrat, unless the government provides you with something for free, you absolutely cannot get it. Is that what you think about yourself? Are you incapable of getting what you need unless the government provides it to you?

Oh, and about those children starving: Where do your children get their food? They get it from you, right? There are people who need help feeding their children, and there are many forms of help available. That will be the case once the Trump budget priorities are passed, just as it’s the case now. But most people simply work hard and earn the money that’s necessary to feed their children. Their children don’t face starvation based on federal budget priorities.

In the Democrats’ fantasy world, everyone in America sits around with their hands out waiting for the federal government to come along and provide them with everything they need to avoid instant death. They can never have enough money to spend. You can never depend on them enough. And even the slightest reduction in the money available to them means everyone will immediately fall into poverty, lose their health care and starve to death.


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Fall into poverty, lose their health care and starve to death

At least that’s what they want to scare you into thinking. This is what they always do. They’ve been engaged in a decades-long spending blowout because they’ve been able to convince enough people that society will collapse if even a penny is cut from the federal budget, and as a result we’ve run up $20 trillion in debt.

That’s what should really scare you. If you do depend on the federal government for your needs, you should know that your benefactor is nearly bankrupt - and it’s Donald Trump who’s trying to stop that from happening. But in the meantime, if I were you, I’d come up with another plan for how to meet your basic needs. Like, maybe . . . taking care of it yourself.

That would shock the Democrats. They don’t think you can.

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