Emergency Delegation Commends a Good Decision

Houston Mayor Withdraws Subpoenas of Pastors

By Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney—— Bio and Archives--October 29, 2014

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HOUSTON, —Today Houston Mayor Annise Parker announced she has directed her legal team to drop the subpoenas of city pastors who opposed a pro-gay city ordinance. The decision comes one day after an emergency delegation of seven pastors from across the country met privately with the mayor for an hour. The meeting followed a prayer vigil held by the group in front of Houston City Hall.

“Mayor Parker made the right decision and deserves to be commended for it,” said Rev. Rob Schenck, president of the National Clergy Council and one of the organizers of the delegation. “Our meeting with the mayor was cordial and very productive. While showing her all due respect, we never relaxed or compromised our demand for her to unequivocally withdraw the subpoenas. We’re thankful to her and we are supremely thankful to God for this positive outcome.”

“I applaud Mayor Parker for embracing religious freedom and the First Amendment in her withdrawal of these subpoenas against five local pastors. We have always maintained this was not just an affront against the Houston pastors but against every church and pulpit in America,” said Rev. Pat Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition and the principle organizer of the delegation. “We are thankful for the meaningful dialogue we had with Mayor Parker yesterday. Today’s development demonstrates that the biblical way of going to our opponents in person and sharing concerns in Christian love, civility, and transparency is the effective path to resolving conflict.”

Other members of the emergency delegation included:

Rev. Keith Tucci
President, The League in Defense of Christian Pastors
Senior Pastor, Living Hope Church, LaTrobe, PA

Rev. Myke Crowder, D.D.
Member, Executive Committee, National Clergy Council
Senior Pastor, Christian Life Center, Layton, Utah

Pastor David Anderson, D.Ed.
Executive Committee, National Clergy Council
Senior Pastor, Faith Baptist Church, Sarasota, FL

Archpriest Alexander Webster, Ph.D.
Member, Executive Committee, National Clergy Council
U.S. Army Chaplain
Professor of Public and International Affairs, George Mason University
Pastor, St. Herman of Alaska Orthodox Church, Stafford, VA

Rev. Sean Sloan
Associate Pastor, Harvest Time Tabernacle, Ft. Smith, AR


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