Gore Should Emulate Maersk Alabama Captain

How About a Trade? Al Gore for the Two American Hostages

By —— Bio and Archives--June 10, 2009

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imageGod bless the captives—Laura Ling and Euna Lee—the two young women journalists who were arrested, railroaded, and convicted by the highest court in North Korea for unspecified “hostile acts” [sic] against the government of North Korea.  The idea of spending twelve years in some hell hole at the mercy of the crazy, missile toting screwball who runs that country, should cause us all to say our prayers for these two young ladies that they return to us soon and in good health. They are going to need all the help they can get.


However, the news that Obama may be sending an envoy to meet with the North Koreans, presents a golden opportunity to at once solve this potential international crisis, obtain the immediate release of these brave women, allow a pompous, self important windbag to demonstrate his courage and compassion and do perfect justice.

It seems that Obama is considering sending either Bill Richardson or Al Gore to North Korea to plead for the release of the hostages. This is not even a close call. The obvious choice is Al Gore. But not as an envoy; rather as a trade.  After all, these two brave young women worked for Current TV—owned by none other than Al Gore. Were he the kind, compassionate, all-caring liberal and protector of all life on the planet as he presumes to be, then his path is obvious: he must take one for the team, travel to North Korea, offer himself up as a hostage and allow the journalists to be released. After all, were they not, in effect, his employees? Did they not undertake this dangerous assignment for the benefit of his business enterprise?  What sort of boss—seeing his underlings in such a perilous position—would not bravely surrender himself to the government of North Korea and allow himself to be kept as a hostage in their place?  Not so long ago, Captain Richard Phillips bravely traded himself to the Somalia pirates to insure the safety of his crew. It is time for Al Gore to show that same Maersk Alabama courage we witnessed in Captain Phillips not so long ago.

So, come on Al—take one for the team. Offer yourself up. You might be a bigger fish than these two young ladies and the North Korean government might have more leverage with you in custody than your employees. You could regale them with stories of how you invented the internet and were almost President; you could warn them of the evils of coal fired energy plants. We might enjoy that brief respite as well. We need all the brave, young female journalists that we can get. We have enough windbag politicians.


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