Any person, Democrat or Republican agreeing with the deplorable method used to circumvent the American election process is not worthy to be called an American and is as reprehensible as the perpetrators of the crime

How The Memo Exposes A Disregard For Law

By —— Bio and Archives--February 6, 2018

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How The Memo Exposes A Disregard For Law
Regardless of what the Democratic leadership is now telling the American people, the Memo is not a small thing.  It is the most revealing example of how the left broke the law in order to change an election.

The Democrats vigorously protested releasing the Memo not because of national security concerns but because its release uncovers the unsavory underbelly of the left’s goal to undermine the American election process.  The American people were treated like infants by Democrats and the leftist propaganda network, AKA the mainstream media who continually insisted that releasing the memo would compromise national security, yet the very moment the memo was made public those same entities did a 180-degree turn and said it was a ‘Nothing Burger’  having no consequence whatsoever. The American people were also told that the Memo spelled doom to the F.B.I.‘s ability to gather future information on the bad guys. But that turned out to be false as well because not a single secret surveillance method was exposed,  nor were any names of field agents published who were involved in ongoing investigations.

So why all the hysterical doomsday rhetoric by Democrats and the leftist propaganda network?  The reason is that long before Donald Trump ever conceived of running for President,  Democrats, the DOJ and the F.B.I. leadership were routinely successful in hiding self-incriminating information by falsely labeling any such documents as classified. 

However, because of the bubble the Swamp of Washington live in, they swallowed their self-created fraudulent polling data and never anticipated a Trump victory. But even the swamp dwellers knew the political stakes were so high that there was a need to add an insurance policy to ensure everything went smoothly for Hillary in November; hence the need for a supplemental plan involving a fabricated dossier and lying to the FISA court. 

The F.B.I. leadership thought their reprehensible plot to frame a Presidental candidate with a concocted crime would never see the light of day as long as Hillary took the oath of office as President.  And it would have been a nearly perfect crime if Trump had lost, but he won.  Now knowing how damaging the Memo was, the Washington Swamp played the only card they had left. 

They bet everything they had that members of Congress and/or the President himself would yield to relentless leftist propaganda pressure that the release of the Memo would jeopardize national security. By President Trump accepting the recommendation by Congress to release the Memo falsely labeled as classified, he displayed a resolve to honor his “drain the swamp” campaign promise not seen in a public official in decades.  To put it bluntly, the scum that has perpetually tarnished the reputation of Congress took a gamble and lost. First, they lost an election and then they lost hiding their deceitful scheme to impugn a legitimate election result. 

The F.B.I. plan to hoodwink a FISA court judge with a knowingly fake dossier to steal an election away from the American people is far beyond any government criminal activity this country has ever seen, including Watergate.  Is there a better example of high treason? 

Could Russia or China destroy the democratic process any better than what the leadership of the F.B.I. tried to do?  Any person, Democrat or Republican agreeing with the deplorable method used to circumvent the American election process is not worthy to be called an American and is as reprehensible as the perpetrators of the crime.  The time is now to commence with arrests, court proceedings, and incarcerations. Anything less would send a dangerous message to America’s enemies that attacks on American sovereignty can be launched with no fear of reprisals or consequences. 

This must not be allowed to happen.


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Rick Hayes lives in the epicenter of liberal land where reality and truth will never encounter a welcome mat.

An award-winning writer and photographer, with over twenty years of professional experience in both fields, Hayes started his journalism adventure after a successful, eye-opening career as a Banker in Wall Street.  Although he spent his early work life surrounded by custom made shirts, expensive ties and the shiniest of shoes, Hayes was an accomplished singer, cutting a few records with a local band and appearing on one of the first cable shows.

Working for a weekly New York paper, in one of the most politically corrupt areas in the State, he began investing his time trying to understand the nature of corruption.

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