George Zimmerman Wasn’t on Trial —- We Were; Sharpton’s Zimmerman Verdict Hypocrisy

I am not Trayvon Martin

By —— Bio and Archives--July 20, 2013

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The latest liberal idiocy involves white college kids apologizing for their “white privilege” by declaring “I am not Trayvon Martin”. Of course they’re more likely to get assaulted going through a black neighborhood, than the Trayvon Martins are going through a white neighborhood, but facts like that stopped mattering years ago.


So let me take my own shot at it.

I am not Trayvon Martin. Not just because if confronted by a local Latino homeowner, I’m not likely to pick up a fight with him and beat him until he shoots me.

I am also not Trayvon Martin because if I were shot and killed by any person, regardless of race, color or creed, you would never hear Obama talking about it because I look nothing like his son.

Lacking the Black Privilege that turns a death into an opportunity for race baiting, I would just be another statistic. There would be no rallies for me and no t-shirts with my name on it. No one would be talking about how they are me or aren’t me.

Twenty years ago, a young man who looked very much like me was stabbed to death in Crown Heights by a mob shouting, “Kill the Jew”. His name was Yankel Rosenbaum. The man responsible for the race riot he was killed in has a show on MSNBC and is considered Obama’s main liaison to the black community.

So I know that if I were killed, the man responsible would probably show up on MSNBC ten years later lecturing on racism and white privilege.

If I were killed, my death would not be a cause, only another urban statistic in cities where crime is disproportionately carried out by the Trayvon Martins of the world, who are turned into martyrs when they are killed, rather than when they do the killing.

I am not Trayvon Martin because my death would not be used to convince bored white kids to pour out their fake guilt in histrionic displays of political correctness.

I am not Trayvon Martin because no one would care what brand of candy I was carrying or what I was wearing or where I was going. I would be another white outline on the sidewalk that the white privilege kids would walk around on the way to another seminar on white privilege.


The race-baiting left had to tell its familiar story and they weren’t going to let anything get in the way of telling that story. They have to tell and retell that story because it establishes their moral authority to run our society and our lives.

The story is black and white with no room for ambiguities or gray areas. It’s about race as martyrdom. It’s about white guilt. The story is already written and the left is always looking to stick someone’s name in the empty space between “White racist” and “Minority victim.” The head of Stalin’s secret police once said, “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.” The American left reverses that equation. They already know the crime. All they need is the man.

It wasn’t George Zimmerman’s freedom that they wanted to take away. It was our freedom. Zimmerman wasn’t being indicted as one man, but as a representative of a group. It didn’t matter that his appearance, his background and his motives did not fit the profile. He was indicted as a white racist. And by indicting him, the media was actually indicting the ordinary American for being part of a racist system that murders black youth.

George Zimmerman Wasn’t on Trial —- We Were


Al Sharpton, MSNBC’s in-house bigot and hate-crime king, had his usual words of wisdom to offer after the Zimmerman verdict.

“What this jury has done is establish a precedent that when you are young and fit a certain profile, you can be committing no crime… We had to march to even get a trial and even at trial, when he’s exposed over and over again as a liar, he is acquitted.”

Sharpton should be quite familiar with this state of affairs from the Crown Heights Pogrom, which he led, back in 1991. Mobs incited by Al Sharpton attacked anyone who looked like an Orthodox Jew.

Anthony Graziosi, a 67-year-old Italian man with a white beard, whose only crime was looking like an Orthodox Jew was murdered. So was Yankel Rosenbaum, who actually was an Orthodox Jew.

While liberal White Privilege shouters insist that only black people get killed for how they look, these two men were killed by black people for looking like Jews.

Lemrick Nelson, Rosenbaum’s killer, got away with it, despite stabbing Rosenbaum after shouting “Kill the Jew”. He was acquitted by a majority black jury, some of whose members then went out to party with the killer’s lawyer.

“Kill the Jew”: Sharpton’s Zimmerman Verdict Hypocrisy


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