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ICYMI: The New York Times just called an unborn baby ‘a person’ and Planned Parenthood seems to agre

By —— Bio and Archives--January 18, 2018

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ICYMI: The New York Times just called an unborn baby 'a person' and Planned Parenthood seems to agree
If you believe most people on the left, and Planned Parenthood in particular, “a person” isn’t really “a person” until they’ve been completely removed from their mother’s womb and the cord has been cut.  Up until that moment, and perhaps even beyond, they’re “an unviable tissue mass.”  Pro-abortion dogma states that they’re nothing more than a clump of cells. They’re not alive, so there’s no “death” involved in ending a pregnancy.

This has become a sort of third rail for Democrats.  During the last election, both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders refused to utter support for any restrictions on abortion - and any moderate Dem who does will either find themselves shouted-down or run out of the party. Remember, the DNC has made it clear there’s “no place” for pro-life (or even anti-late-term) members.

So, we have a problem.  It appears the New York Times never got that memo. In an article about an amazing in-utero surgery, The Grey Lady made the mistake of admitting that “a person” could have experiences before birth. This is a big no-no….

For a small person who had surgery before he was even born, and who’d just spent an hour and a half squeezing through a tight space that clamped down on his head every few minutes, Baby Boy Royer was showing a feisty spirit.

He arrived pink and screaming on Friday at 5:35 a.m., two days before his official due date, weighing 8 pounds 8 ounces, and almost 20 inches long.

Within moments of his birth at Texas Children’s Hospital, he did what his parents and doctors had eagerly hoped to see: He moved his legs and feet, a sign that the operation may have prevented damage to the spinal nerves needed for walking.

Indeed, placed on his belly, he managed to pull a knee underneath himself and push off, as if he intended to crawl away from the nurses who were trying to swaddle him.

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Wow.  So, not only is the NYT admitting he was a person before his due date, they’ve inadvertently claimed he had in-utero experiences, and that events occurring before the cord was cut could affect his mood. Planned Parenthood must be furious.  This flies directly in the face of their “not a person” mantra, doesn’t it?


Immediately, people began noticing that Planned Parenthood of Maryland had seemingly just admitted that an unborn baby is, in fact, a baby.

Defenders would argue that Planned Parenthood is actually saying its a baby only now, because it’s been born - alive - thanks to the surgery and no one selling its parts. If that’s the case, though, on what exactly did doctors perform this miraculous operation? If it was just an unviable bunch of cell-tissue, there was no life to save, right?

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