If Feinstein hadn’t sat on the letter for six weeks, Democrats would already have their FBI investigation

By —— Bio and Archives--September 27, 2018

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This whole thing is a complete disgrace, but nothing fits that description more than the constantly repeated Democrat talking point that demands an FBI investigation of Christine Blasey Ford’s claims – and in fact, alleges a “coverup” if one is not conducted.

There should have already been an FBI investigation. The Democrats – specifically Dianne Feinstein – are the reason there has not been.


Had Feinstein followed proper protocols when she received Blasey Ford’s letter, she would have informed Committee Chairman Grassley and the FBI of the existence of the letter. At that point, the FBI would have looked into it and entered whatever information it found into Kavanaugh’s background check, which would be provided confidentially to members of the committee.

Feinstein’s excuse for not doing this is that she supposedly told Blasey Ford she would keep the information confidential. But she should not have done that. She should have explained to Blasey Ford that there is an established process for investigating such claims, and that the information was basically useless if it became necessary to hang onto it and not tell Grassley or the FBI.

If Blasey Ford was really serious about any of this, she would have then agreed that this is what Feinstein should do.

I don’t believe that any of what Feinstein claims is what really happened. I believe Feinstein knew exactly what she was doing. She recognized that Blasey Ford’s accusations had the potential to serve as a last-minute ambush if Democrats failed to otherwise lay a glove on Kavanaugh, so she kept it in her back pocket to spring at the 11th hour absent any other way to torpedo Kavanaugh.

She also knew that by playing it this way, she would put Republicans in an impossible position with a committee vote on the nomination approaching, and the mid-term elections drawing near. Now suddenly they would be under pressure to halt everything with time growing short. It would neither be possible to give Kavanaugh a fair chance to defend himself, nor would there be time to deal with a new nominee.

This was not an unfortunate consequence of timing outside Feinstein’s control. This was the idea. All along.

For Democrats to now scream for an FBI investigation is the height of dishonesty. There would have been one six weeks ago if Dianne Feinstein had done what she was supposed to do. Instead, the FBI was given the letter very late in the process, and pressured by Democrats to do a criminal investigation. They were never going to do that, and Democrats knew it. The alleged incident does not involve a violation of federal law and as such is not even within the FBI’s criminal jurisdiction. They would only ever have looked into it as part of Kavanaugh’s background check, and Dianne Feinstein is the reason they had not done that by the time we learned of Christine Blasey Ford’s identity.

The only thing more criminal about the Democrats’ disingenuous demand is the fact that the media are not calling them out on it. But of course we knew that would happen.


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