Utter corruption of an ideology

If Republicans Acted Exactly Like Democrats

By —— Bio and Archives--March 23, 2011

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One of the best ways to illustrate the utter corruption of an ideology is one of the oldest:  imagine if political party “x,” did what political party “y” is doing, and see if it passes the stink test.  For this purpose, I offer Exhibits A, B and C:  Wisconsin, Indiana and the Oval Office, three places where what is occurring stinks to high heaven.


First Wisconsin.  Imagine if you will a 2010 election where Republicans were handed their hat, losing both houses of the legislature and the governorship.  Imagine Democrats attempted to legislate an agenda on which they campaigned and which the electorate—by considerable margins—gave them a mandate to do so.

Now imagine Republican Senators fleeing the state in order to prevent the legislature from voting, and sending busloads of Tea Party agitators from all over the country to the capitol building in Madison, with signs depicting Democrat legislators as Nazis, etc.  Imagine the same agitators doing $7 million of damage to the capitol building, including smashing windows and ripping doors off their hinges.  Imagine Republican Assemblymen helping the agitators gain access to the building, even as their Democrat counterparts in the Senate were getting death threats. 

Imagine that as soon as the Democrat legislators passed their agenda, they got more death threats, had some of their property vandalized, and watched Tea party activists demonstrating in front of their private residences.  Imagine Tea Party activists threatening the businesses of Democrat supporters, with letters “suggesting” they put pro Tea Party posters in their shop windows.

Imagine Tea Party activists finding some hack judge to issue a stay on the just-passed legislation.  Not just any hack judge, but one who refuses to recuse herself even though her son is a political operative for the Tea Party and its agenda.


On to Indiana.  Same 2010 election, similar lopsided results.  Same walkout by Republican legislators, but because Indiana’s state laws are different regarding what business can be conducted without a legislative quorum—as in no business whatsoever can be conducted—Republicans effectively negated the results of the election. 

Imagine Republicans were contemplating legislative extortion, not merely as a tactic in Wisconsin or Indiana, but in every state where voters repudiated them at the ballot box.

Oval Office

Onto the Oval Office.  Imagine George W. Bush, after vacillating for month, deciding to put American troops in harm’s way, even as he remained on vacation while the conflict began.  Imagine he did it without the Constitutional necessity of consulting Congress, and subordinated American interests to the whims of the United Nations.

Imagine George W. Bush, after saying a certain dictator had to go, announced that his removal wasn’t part of the agenda, and that it’s possible he might remain in power even after our “humanitarian” mission came to a close.  Now imagine one more mind-boggling reality that no one has bothered to bring up:

Imagine if George W. Bush had committed the American military to a conflict where we’re on nobody’s side. 

Now imagine everything above either being virtually ignored by the mainstream media, or deliberately mischaracterized by it.  Imagine them calling Republican legislators “heroes” for abandoning democracy and negating the will of the voting public.  Image them completely neglecting to mention a blatant conflict of interest by a judge, or the relentless barrage of extortion, vandalism and death threats besieging Democrat lawmakers in Wisconsin and Indiana.  Imagine them championing George W. Bush’s humanitarianism or his leadership qualities, which amounted to “leading” a coalition from the back seat, and for putting America in a war with no discernible national interest, no discernible outcome and no discernible ally on the ground.

In other words, imagine what kind of country we’d have if Republicans acted exactly like Democrats.

It sure as hell wouldn’t be America.  And what this bunch of progressive thugs masquerading as a political party is doing really stinks.


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Arnold Ahlert was an op-ed columist with the NY Post for eight years.

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