Because California has so much extra cash!

Illegal aliens make commercial demanding free healthcare

By —— Bio and Archives--March 20, 2013

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Ah, California - that imploding, tax-obsessed, bankrupt, left-wing Mecca by the sea.  There’s nothing the state loves more than doling out the taxpayer funded freebies, is there?  Of course there’s not.


That’s why a new ad has been created, demanding hard working Californians pay for healthcare to be offered to illegal immigrants.

It seems some illegals - sorry - undocumented residents, simply can’t afford to pay their medical bills. So, they’d like you to do it for them. It’s just not fair that, while they live in the U.S. illegally, they should also be forced to finance their own doctor visits. 

Since their legal counterparts are obviously sitting on huge piles of surplus cash, they’d be very appreciative if that extra money was confiscated by the government, and sent their way. Clearly Californians can afford this inconvenience, since their tax rates are so low already.

Everyone in the video below is currently living in the U.S. illegally.  As the original YouTube posting puts it: “Check out this 30 second video, “Dreaming of Healthcare.” We made it in partnerships with a group of young Californians. They’re all undocumented. Technically that means they’re not US citizens. But we think they couldn’t be more Californian.”

Well, they probably could, if they were legal residents of, say, California.

Regardless, this is the left coast so they’ll probably get what they want.  Stop being greedy, California taxpayers.  Time to pony up and pay a little bit more to your failing welfare state. 


Clearly, as Phil Collins points out, it’s just no fun being an illegal alien.


Thanks to Stand With Arizona for bringing this to our attention.


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