Given the probable head counts for and against the Trump platform, I repeat . . . enough already! STFU!

I’m Fed Up Enough To Write This

By —— Bio and Archives--July 15, 2017

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Like most readers on this site, I ingest, willingly or otherwise, a virtual flood of written and orally delivered media articles dissing our POTUS. Enough already! Its not warranted! He’s not out to get you! Well, not most of you anyway.

I think I can explain why some Americans detest and/or fear the Trump presidency. In their own minds, rightly or wrongly, they have legitimate reasons for their feelings. Others are more difficult to figure out. Maybe they’re just plain stupid, an unfixable affliction.

Let’s begin the explaining exercise by citing the elements of the Trump platform that got him elected POTUS. In no particular order (you may prioritize differently), here are the major planks in that platform.


This topic covers a variety of issues including:

  • Enforcing existing laws, primarily prohibiting the entry of illegal immigrants by securing the country’s borders
  • Attracting desirable immigrants, primarily those prospective workers who have capabilities valuable to American businesses
  • Resisting the entry of dangerous immigrants who would physically harm the nation’s assets, human and otherwise.

Most citizens do not want illegals in the country. Those who do may include a very few residents who would like family members to join them here and deplore the wait time to effect those situations. And of course there are elected representatives, probably all of whom are Democrats, who believe illegals may gain the right to vote some day and will cast their ballots accordingly. By a strict head count, I’m sure anti-illegals are in the majority, but in a Democratic Congress that may not count for anything. We currently have a Republican Congress, so Trump should win this one hands down, and naysayers should be quieted.

Most citizens recognize the contribution well educated, intelligent newcomers can make to further the nation’s well being; Trump has no issue with bringing in those candidates, even to expediting the process.

Virtually all citizens are absolutely against allowing criminals and terrorists to enter the country, a no-brainer in Trump’s favor.

Job Creation

Most citizens correctly recognize that having a job to support one’s necessities in life is desirable . . . self-reliance is a virtue to them. To be sure, and unfortunately, there are some citizens who prefer to remain idle and take advantage of an overly generous welfare system that has ballooned to an unsustainable level. Those takers who behave in a manner that offends their contributing neighbors may or may not know there is an end to government largesse, but they are likely to be anti-Trump because they fear he will terminate programs that allow sloth to continue. The head count on this issue is dangerously close to being a toss-up with 95 million able-bodied, working age citizens not in the work force. Almost half that number are in the SNAP program, aka food stamps. Trump wants more people in the work force, seemingly a desirable and ultimately necessary (to avoid economic disaster) goal. He should be applauded, but there is a cacophony chorus of boos from far too many who should know better.

Tax Reduction

Most citizens acknowledge the need for governments at all levels to extract taxes from constituents who require and desire a wide variety of services. But most are reticent to pay more than is necessary to deliver those services. An ongoing debate is: how many and how costly are the services? If every citizen had a complete list of every government provided service, along with showing the expense of same, and was asked to tick off which should be maintained vs stricken from the list, it undoubtedly would be severely shortened. Ignoring the fact that some obscure services are always appealing to a few recipients, suffice to say that most believe taxes could be lessened. Trump would strongly agree. Like most business people he recognizes wasteful practices while many electees are seemingly blind to same.

Continued below...

Paring Regulations

According to reliable pollings of business owners, reducing onerous regulations is even more important than getting tax relief. Clever accountants can devise ways to circumvent tax laws . . . there are always loopholes . . . but regulations that stifle productivity are difficult or impossible to avoid obeying. It is an accepted fact that many aspiring entrepreneurs are foiled by hindrances to starting a business, even if the plan is sound and likely to succeed. Those who disagree with Trump’s intent to make it easier for businesses to stay in business are likely to be those employed to enforce the regulations. Other than those folks, who else is against less regulation?

Strong Military

It is a historical fact that weak nations are subject to being attacked and controlled by stronger nations, usually the ones next door. Neighbors are not naturally nice to each other. Nations that cannot defend themselves for whatever reason (usually de minimis population and productivity) must ally with more militarily capable nations to avoid loss of sovereignty. Extreme peaceniks may deplore a strong military but such fuzzy thinkers are definitely in the minority. Trump should be widely applauded for demanding military might that is unquestionably dominant.

Strong Economy

Does anyone believe the securities markets would be enhanced in value to the extent of plus 17% (that’s $4 trillion, give or take a $billion or two) if Hillary had been elected POTUS? Of course not! Those with the financial ability to influence the direction of share prices are betting on the Trump program . . . big time! Even those loony billionaires who proclaim a wish to be taxed more are benefitting from the Trump effect!

Slightly more than half the population has a financial investment in securities markets, even if some don’t realize their stake in Trump’s success via their managed pension plans.

Summing Up

The congressman who has introduced an article to impeach Trump, and those shrills that get media time to rave and rant about impeachment, live better than most Americans. It is a safe bet they all own shares in American businesses. They want him to fail? Then they should tell me why they would be happy if their wealth was severely reduced.

Given the probable head counts for and against the Trump platform, I repeat . . . enough already! STFU!

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