The grand doyen of public education is Obama’s cherished comrade, Bill Ayers

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By —— Bio and Archives--September 3, 2009

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“Liberals have long realized that, if they can win the battle over what is taught in schools, they will win elections.” -Phyllis Schlafly,  Townhall

Barack Obama’s plans to reach out to millions of suggestible school children has met with parental consternation.  Their collective alarm is a bit tardy.  Radical Leftists already have control of the public school system.
The grand doyen of public education is Obama’s cherished comrade, Bill Ayers.


Dumbing down of an entire nation

Decades of entrusting the federal government with our children’s education has led, inevitably, to the dumbing down of an entire nation.  Our public school system has failed to provide the most basic and elementary skills, while at the same time functioning as a ministry of propaganda for left wing causes.

Nobody can seriously argue that our kids are getting smarter.  Teachers unions have done yeoman’s work tirelessly crusading against accountability.  Standardized tests, we are told, are inherently biased against disadvantaged students.  Social promotions are essential to safeguard self-esteem. 

Bill Ayers is a leading advocate of social justice teaching.  Even young evangelicals, that is the children of the religious right,  have been deluded into believing in “social justice”;  18 to 29 year old evangelicals voted for Obama, in spite of his record on abortion.  Many of these young people claimed that it was the pursuit of social justice that put them in the Obama camp. (Eagleforum.org

Social justice is just more aged hippie jargon

Social justice is just more aged hippie jargon; it has no real meaning other than to disrupt the current social order.  So effective was this propagandism that 32% of 18 to 29 year old evangelicals voted for Obama; twice the number who voted for John Kerry in 2004. David Horowitz defines social justice as shorthand for opposition to the American traditions of individual justice and free markets.  So pervasive is the Ayers social justice model that teachers will weave radical ideology into even core subjects, for example, using an Iraq body count to teach math .  Students have no frame of reference to see how absurd this is.  Schools today emphasize America’s past mistakes and injustices rather than achievements. (Eagleforum.org

The goal of social justice teaching is to convince students that they are victims of an “unjust, oppressive and racist America.  “A few years of this kind of “education” and the kids are primed for a takeover by community organizers who will mobilize them to vote for the far left. (eagleforum.org)

The plan is working.  In 2008, seven out of every ten voters between 18 and 29 favored expanding the role of the government and believe that the government should be doing more to solve our problems. (Eagleforum.org)

Future teachers are fully indoctrinated into radical leftist ideology.  Teaching materials are provided by special interest groups with distinctly left wing agendas.  School districts invite these groups to conduct “professional development” training, at tax payer expense.

Phyllis Schlafly sums it up:  “When a teacher engages in this type of advocacy in lieu of teaching literature, math, history or science, the teacher is engaging in political indoctrination.”  (Eagleforum.org

Bill Ayers’ textbooks are currently in use in 1500 schools; they are among the most widely used of all texts .  Ayers is opposed to achievement tests in favor of activism.  Ayers is very influential in public education;  the US Department of Education lists 15 high schools whose mission statements declare that their curricula centers on “social justice”.  (Eagleforum.org

Columbia, alma mater of Barack Obama and Bill Ayers, has become a madrassa by way of its Middle Eastern studies department.  As is the case with numerous similar departments in other universities, the Middle Eastern studies department is an anti- Israel, pro- Hamas and Hezbollah propaganda ministry. 

Obama’s September 8th speech to the children will be indoctrination?  That ship sailed years ago.  They already have been brainwashed.  This is merely the most manifest effort to persuade us that the highest and best use of America’s children is to serve a politician.

The Shadow Party:  How George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party

The Left is asserting that there is nothing intrinsically amiss with the president talking to school kids and eoncoraging them to study diligently and do well in school.  This argument might carry more weight if Obama were willing to liberate his own school records to illustrate his point.

If indeed Obama is launching a recruitment drive for his own Obama Youth Corps,  he has unrepentant Nazi collaborator and proprietor of the Democrat Party, George Soros to mentor him.  Soros was born in Hungary in 1930 to non-practicing Jewish parents.  His father, a lawyer, was able to hide their identities, and young George was recruited by the Judenrat to hand out flyers deceptively directing Jews to turn themselves in for deportation to the death camps.  Soros has said he found the work exhilarating.  Later passing himself off as an official’s godson, he accompanied his benefactor in confiscating valuables from innocent Jews.  ( David Horowitz and Richard Poe.  The Shadow Party:  How George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party.)

Soros would later tell Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes that he had no remorse about what he had done.

Conscripting young children into service proved efficacious for Hitler.  So durable was the hold this cult leader had on his young followers that they were able to block out the unpleasant realties of the Final Solution, even when presented with the truth.  Former Hitler Youth member Alfons Heck writes, “It was some time before I could accept the truth of the Holocaust, nearly three decades more before I could write or speak about German guilt and responsibility.”  (Alfons Heck.  A Child of Hitler:  Germany in the Days When God Wore a Swastika).

Narcissists resent not getting their own way.  Anticipate an array of outlandish behaviors from the White House as Obama’s poll numbers continue to tumble

Parents are right to be aghast at the president’s patent attempt at inculcating their children into serving his radical agenda.  But, if this is what it takes to jolt parents into awareness of what is happening in public schools, it may be worth it.


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