Even if one American innocent has been killed by an illegal immigrant, it is one too many. Are citizens’ lives less important that the lives of those who would seek to steal, and attack, and murder others?

Insensitivity to Illegal Immigration

By —— Bio and Archives--January 9, 2019

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Insensitivity to Illegal Immigration
In light of the continuing federal government shutdown, recently Chris Wallace, of FOX News, grilled White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, about President Donald Trump’s resolution on the funding for the Border Wall. Mr. Wallace challenged Sanders on whether many of the illegal immigrants were actually terrorists who were attempting to cross, or who have already crossed the Mexican border with the United States. Wallace was using some available data on the actual number of the immigrants who were criminals or terrorists and appeared proud of himself for doing some homework; yet, he may have not done enough.


Wallace seemed to relying upon publicly available data regarding those who had been arrested, or those who were designated as terrorists, and he seemed to have credible facts to support the notion that is currently being   advanced by the Left and Democrat leaders that American citizens have little to worry about regarding the illegal immigrants. Despite the reality that facts on this situation that are currently incomplete, Wallace’s intent within the realm of questioning was a bit similar to the intent behind Jim Acosta’s challenge of President Trump when he entered into a debate with the president over whether the caravan of immigrants was an invasion.

The immigration debate is certainly a hotly contested set of issues with a wide spectrum of consequences resulting from policy decisions. However, the real human consequences may be the core of the issues at stake in such a debate. Democrat leaders have tempered their “resistance” to the Wall to some degree, but it seems more of an appearance for the sake of public relations as opposed to their real intent. One of their real intent type of agenda items is obviously to impeach the POTUS on nebulous charges.

But, any questioning of Trump, or his credibility, will raise concerns, doubt, or suspicions about Trump’s intent. This is so Alinsky-esque, it is overly ridiculous.

Yet, beyond the fact-checker addicts and the pre-packaged, bought-and- paid-for “facts at hand,” is the reality that some information on the illegals who are terrorists is not divulged to the public - or the Chris Wallace’s or media minions across the spectrum of the mainstream media. The MSM are known by those who are paying attention for carefully picking their facts and ignoring others. And, if one does not agree with their facts, that is just plain wrong because they view themselves as the monopoly on facts or the truth. It is clear to many, that in some cases for security reasons, all details, or all the facts are not disclosed to the public. However, what about the facts that are available that are being bypassed or ignored or marginalized by the media? They do not matter? All the facts do not matter?

What about the “facts” that American citizens know that their fellow citizens, and decent law-abiding people have been attacked and victimized, raped, or even murdered by criminals who crossed into America illegally? Are we as American citizens so desensitized by the violence and the killings of our fellow citizens by illegal aliens that it is no big deal anymore? It is not really happening to me, so it does not matter… or it is not real, so it does not have any real impact on my life. Our culture now has fallen into a state of moral numbness, when the average American citizen does not care about their fellow Americans - no matter what nation of origin, or race, or gender.

One must ask: Who led us to this point of insensitivity to our fellow citizen? The fact peddlers say only a small number of terrorists have been caught at the border, or only a small number of criminals have been apprehended who have been found to be illegal “immigrants.” The Jim Acostas of the MSM tell us that there is no invasion of the U.S. and has the freedom of speech and of the press to protect his free speech. But his and the MSM moguls behind him seem to speak for non-citizens, not American citizens.

Even if one American innocent has been killed by an illegal immigrant, it is one too many. Are citizens’ lives less important that the lives of those who would seek to steal, and attack, and murder others?

Such media elitists, no matter what channel of choice one prefers, are the enemies of “We the People,” NO question. When the value of life itself is reduced to a statistic to prove or disprove political theory, or to garner some political capital, it is time all citizens look seriously at what America is right now. Citizens are being deliberately confused by the wordsmiths of the MSM, and deliberately deceived by those who are acclimating the citizens
to a slow eradication of the deep-seated values that are still the bedrock of the nation.

President Trump has access to more facts about the illegal criminal immigration and terrorist infiltration into the United States than any of the self-centered, media elitists who pretend to know what they are talking about. Yet, if the MSM elitists can convince citizens these “professionals” know better than the POTUS, that American citizens need to trust them alone, and American citizens need to disarm, and to open up the border entry points to those who could care less about our laws or our culture, then they should be arrested for assisting in the slow suicide of the people.

During the exchange with Chris Wallace, Sarah Sanders stated in a quite passionate defense of President Trump that “the president is prepared to do what it takes to protect our borders, to protect the people of this country. He knows the number one job he has as president and Commander-in-Chief is to protect its citizens…” Yet, the MSM want citizens to accept that the new “reality” is that citizens need to trust only the media mogul talking points, that all is normal on Main Street, that citizens need to disarm, that citizens need to allow any criminal or terrorist into the nation as they are only a small percentage of the people. Really?

The proverbial “handwriting is on the wall” has more truth to it in this time than in the original point in time when it was first uttered in the days of the Babylonian captivity. It is the citizens who need to wake up and choose which side of the “Wall” they would rather be on. Trump can do so much; it is “We the People” who need to rise up, and that is already beginning!


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