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IRS Chief John Koskinen honored with an award for ‘Excellence in Public Service’

By —— Bio and Archives--March 4, 2016

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You know John Koskinen as the IRS chief who has, repeatedly, been forced to appear before Congress and defend his agency against claims that its agents targeted conservative groups. Koskinen has been caught, over and over again, lying, obfuscating, stalling, and generally stonewalling the investigation into the “service” he oversees. Out here in the real world, that lands you in jail or, at the very least, the unemployment line.  In Washington D.C…..

Well, in Washington D.C. you’re given a major award to honor you for your outstanding commitment to public service.

  Both William Ruckelshaus and John Koskinen on Tuesday night were awarded the Elliot L. Richardson Prize for Excellence in Public Service by the National Academy of Public Administration, and both weighed in on the perils of public service in today’s hyperpartisan climate.

  The prestigious award—named for a four-time Cabinet member who served in all three branches of government under six presidents—comes with $25,000 cash, at least half of which is earmarked to a charity of the recipient’s choice. Winners are selected by the Elliot L. Richardson Prize Fund board after nominations over a period of months by a committee including NAPA fellows.

  “John Koskinen and William Ruckelshaus have had long and distinguished careers in the public sector, and have had a significant impact on the ability of the federal government to function effectively for our citizens,” fund chair Michael C. Rogers said at a ceremony at Washington’s Ronald Reagan Building. “They are both strong role models for future generations of government leaders.”

In case you’re wondering who William Ruckelshaus is; he was an Attorney General and Acting Director of the FBI in the 70’s, as well as the EPA chief back in the 80’s. You may recall that decade as the one in which EPA agents were often the “bad guys” in movies like Ghostbusters.  No EPA chief is great shakes, but at least you can make a case for his recognition. However ...an award for a man whose tenure is - currently - at the center of a scandal?

No, this is not a joke. Nor is it, as HotAir points out, a parody article from the Onion. This is the sad, sad, reprehensibly sad, state of the country in which we live. Koskinen should be trotted out as an example of the worst that American government has to offer.  Instead, he’s being honored for allegedly offering the kind of earnest public service to which young people should dedicate their lives.

By the way, if half of that $25,000 prize is to be awarded “to a charity of the recipient’s choice,” would that make it tax deductible?

...And are there different rules if it’s awarded to a Republican?

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