When a nation gives up control of its borders it ceases to be a nation

Is the ‘Post-National State’ even possible?

By —— Bio and Archives--January 4, 2019

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Is the ‘Post-National State’ even possible?
With ‘post-national’ elites preening their virtue over how badly government treats migrants by imposing such burdensome requirements as legally acquiring immigrant status, one is given to wonder if anyone has bothered to think through the idea of the ‘Post-National State’? The ‘Post-National State’ is an oxymoron. It’s one of those ideas that George Orwell’s 1984 so brilliantly illustrates, in which people committedly believe two polar opposites at the exact same time.

Let’s begin with the concept of ‘Post-National.’ It isn’t one you are likely to find in too many dictionaries. But getting a feeling for the dictionary meaning of ‘Post,’ in the sense of “after,” and of ‘National,’ in the sense of a culturally, geographically, politically or ethnically delineated jurisdiction. So, the ‘Post-National’ concept posits that countries and borders are irrelevant and redundant.


But at the same time adding the word ‘State’ to the concept of ‘Post-National’ is a huge contradiction in terms, given that the definition of ‘State’ in the sense it is used here, means a politically unified people occupying a definite territory, negates the whole concept of ‘Post-Nationalism.’

Like Humpty Dumpty, when the Left uses words they mean exactly what the Left chooses them to mean, neither more nor less. The question, as Humpty Dumpty so eloquently put it is, “which is to be master—that’s all.” And that’s where this whole ‘Post-National State’ turns out to be a scam designed to import an endless supply of uneducated, needy voters beholden to the much-maligned ‘State’ for sustenance.

In short, it’s an end run around logic.

Back in the day, we kids used to call this “wishful thinking,” because even then, most eight-year-olds would have figured someone was trying for a free lunch, listening to what the Left credulously, calls ‘logic.’ What they’re selling isn’t exactly what most non-gullible people are looking to buy.

The way it’s explained elicits images of happy people standing around a solar campfire, holding hands and singing “I’d like to force the world to sing in perfect harmoneeee….” While borders are eradicated and everyone is just freely moving from anywhere to somewhere.

But here’s the part I don’t get; if we don’t have defined and controlled borders, what’s the point of having a passport or other ID? What non-existent Post-National State would have the legal authority to claim citizens and require passports?

And if we don’t really need to have ID, then what’s the point of having anyone charged with assuring that IDs are legitimate?

And if there’s no point in anyone having legitimate ID, then we don’t really need such outdated concepts as police or security forces to protect us from harm.

In fact, if we take the ‘Post-National’ idea to its logical conclusion, then we really don’t have a need for government at all, as there are no clearly defined jurisdictions over which to govern.
If you prefer a shorter word for the ‘Post-National State,’ it’s ‘Anarchy.’ But we all know that America’s Left is anything but anarchist, given how much they like to be in control.

Those advocating for the ‘Post-National State’ have their eyes on a much larger piece of cake and that is a borderless world run by an unelected and unaccountable gaggle of bureaucrats. This could be the United Nations, the World Economic Forum of Davos fame or any other cabal of supranational organizations modeled on the European Union.

When a nation gives up control of its borders it ceases to be a nation. We need to beware of those who advocate giving up control of our borders, as there is no long-term benefit except to take power away from the people and vest it in an unaccountable bureaucracy that would then start seriously redistributing our wealth.


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