ISIS claims responsibility for Manchester attack

By —— Bio and Archives--May 23, 2017

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Early this morning, liberals were already doing the “this isn’t really Islam” dance. They were all over social media with the standard “don’t jump to conclusions” shtick, but a quick look at the news told you most of what needed to know. We’ve seen this same scene play out time and again. It’s an exhausting pattern we witnessed in Nice, The Bataclan, The Boston Marathon, etc.

Then, when we learned they knew the identity of the terrorist, but weren’t releasing it, we had all the info we needed.

It was only a matter of time before ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack on an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England.

Now, we’ll have to endure the usual lectures about painting with too broad a brush, screeds about diversity, a few “It’s Trump’s fault” tweets and a self-righteous media that will blame America, Bush, the Iraq war, white males, global warming, income inequality, or any other convenient scapegoat they can find.  ...All while decrying any solution that would target the actual culprits.

The question is, will the day ever come when enough is enough?

Or is London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, right when he says that terrorism is just “part and parcel” of life in the big city?

Will we ever arrive at the point where the global community recognizes that it’s already in a World War, or will it simply wring its hands and hold another tearful candlelight vigil for the world we used to know?

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