Removal of their chief adherent and promoter Barack Obama

Islam - The Religion of Peace; But for America, More like the Harbinger of Death

By —— Bio and Archives--April 21, 2013

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Ever since the followers of Islam began their migratory moves to America our country has been subjected to the very dark side of that freedom-to-kill cult that unabashedly announced to we Americans that they, the Islamists, considered us, the Americans, to be infidels or ‘unbelievers’ unless we submit to Islam and discard other beliefs.  In other words, spit on Christianity and swallow whole Islam and all of its ravages.

Islamists can’t be trusted or believed.  We have everyday proof of that sitting in our White House.  When looking for the truth consider just the opposite of what Barack Obama says.  He is a totally disingenuous man with accomplices of the same cut of dishonest.  And the two Muslim brothers of Boston Marathon fame are of the same cult having lived here for about 10 years before their murderous true selves surfaced.

Be extremely aware of these people to whom murder is just another daily chore.

How much longer must we tolerate these savages that parade under a false banner of make-believe peace with their sneaky weapons of destruction and death at the fore?  One of the first things that will have to happen is the removal of their chief adherent and promoter Barack Obama.  In his eyes they can do no wrong.  That should not be an insurmountable chore with all the facts available for a positive vote for impeachment.

But some say that we would then be saddled with the addled Joe Biden.  I say that is the lesser of two evils and a more controllable one for sure. 

Islam has been nothing short of a reign of terror against our country

Islam has been nothing short of a reign of terror against our country.  Only days ago when two Muslims who had been allowed into our country some time ago took it upon themselves to no longer behave by our laws and cause mayhem and death in Boston on a most revered day in American history, Patriot’s Day.  This was two days in advance of The Islamic Promoter Obama’s setback on trying to force federal gun control on a very unwilling public.

As is his custom, Obama said following this legislative defeat, reported online ironically by The Patriot Post’s Mark Alexander on April 18, 2013, “The gun lobby and its allies willfully lied about the bill [claiming it would create] some sort of Big Brother gun registry. It came down to politics. All in all, today was a pretty shameful day for Washington.”

Obama’s refusal to admit that the legislation would create a federal gun registry in itself was the biggest lie told in that affair; and as for claiming that day ‘was a pretty shameful day for Washington’ he was more truthful, particularly that part of Washington that he thinks he controls.

The Patriot Post also printed Obama’s second attempt to browbeat his opponents by stating “I see this as just round one. The fight is not over.” This is proof that Obama who is often credited with being an astute political scholar can sometimes be dumber than dirt when he forgets that statements like he is making are part of the scenario that created the American Revolution in the 1700s.

There is an old saying that “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” that could spell out the undisciplined and non-public-accepting measures being considered such as this Patriot Post report, “Joe Biden asserted that Obama “is already lining up some additional executive actions he’s going to be taking later this week.” And House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi added, “[W]e’re just not taking no for an answer.” 

Sounds like more impeachment grounds for bypassing the Congress.  And it also points glaringly to the arrogance of Obama and his co-conspirators who are determined to violate the United States Constitution and in point of fact, create a treasonous scenario.

Eventually Congress MUST take actions to eliminate the use of Executive Orders to bypass Constitutional requirements for Congressional involvement. This extremely abused action reserved for genuine emergencies has placed Obama in a position where he can literally thumb his nose at Congress and go it alone via Executive Order.  That is not right friends and countrymen. It’s an abuse of executive privilege that can and will be used to justify impeachment.

In the website TheReligionofPeace.com a listing of known Islamic terrorist incidents is shown with the first reported event taking place on April 14, 1972, almost exactly 41 years ago in New York City where 10 members of a local mosque phoned in a false alarm and then ambushed the responding officers, killing one and injuring three. 

Since that date a total of 69 more incidents have occurred throughout the United States including the most recent one in Boston with more than 3,100 deaths recorded.  Those numbers should make it clear to every man, woman and child in America that Islamic terrorists do not represent a “peaceful” religion.  They are cold-blooded murderers and they should not only stopped from coming to America to live, but those already here should be deported.

That would bring the appeaser prone Democrats out in force to protest for these killers to be allowed to stay.  But as I see it, they refuse to obey our laws, they insist we non-Islamists become members of their cruel faith and they even want their own laws in OUR courts.  The best answer would be to deport all the Islamists and their Democrat supporters along with them. Neither group is good for the America our Founding Fathers built for us which operated efficiently until Obama usurped our presidency and corrupted the minds of millions of former good American patriots.

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