POTUS is right, and he needs to hold the line.

It’s About Immigration

By —— Bio and Archives--January 4, 2019

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It’s About Immigration
There is one big promise made by the President that must be kept. That promise is to build a wall on our southern border and to get a handle on immigration into this country. Here is why this is so important.

Today, there are 10.7 million people in this country illegally. Of that number, 50% come from Mexico and another 18% from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. That’s 68% of those here illegally from just four countries. There are some 7.8 million illegal aliens in the workforce, or around 4.8% of the total number of working adults in America today. What is most sobering about many of these numbers is that wholly 66% of illegal aliens have been in the country more than 10 years. If there were ever a greater indictment of how we have managed immigration in this country, that statistic is it.


California, Texas, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio,  Pennsylvania, New York, Georgia and Florida:  241 electoral college votes

Today, 58% of those in the country illegally live in just six states. Those states are California, Texas, Florida, New York, New Jersey and Illinois. Of those six, Texas is the only reliable (currently) Red state with Florida being Purple. The other four are clearly Blue. Why is this important? Take a look some other population numbers.

Roughly one half of the population of the United States resides in just nine states. That’s 161 million out of a total, depending on one’s source, of 327 million people in the United States. Those nine states are California, Texas, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio,  Pennsylvania, New York, Georgia and Florida. Today, there are 241 electoral college votes assigned to those nine states. Imagine if amnesty is granted to the 10.7 million illegal aliens here. In a matter of just a few years, it is conceivable that a Republican could never win one of those states ever again in a general election. With many already bemoaning the fact that the electoral college does not reflect the true will of the people, conservatives and Constitutionalists will soon find themselves in a pitched battle to retain the checks and balances intended by the Founders in the system established that gives balance to large and small state alike.

The implications of losing our will to hold to enforcing the laws of the land are grave, and I will expand on those issues in upcoming newsletters. Suffice it to say that getting a handle of immigration right now is critical if we are to maintain our national sovereignty and our reverence for the rule of law.

It is a specious argument to advance the notion that we should look the other way when people come into our country illegally. There is a moral question that our progressive friends (and establishment Republicans) do not want to answer. What is the morality of coercing support for illegal behavior from those who do not break the law? How is it moral to ask people to support, through their tax dollars, those who come here without any ability to support themselves?

POTUS is right, and he needs to hold the line.


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Samuel H. Clovis, Jr., Doctor of Public Administration
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Sam Clovis was raised in Kansas and attended the United States Air Force Academy, serving for 25 years on active duty as a fighter pilot.  He retired as a Colonel and the Inspector General of NORAD and the United States Space Command.

Sam served as a Fellow at the Homeland Security Institute, contributing in national preparedness and immigration policy.  He recently served as a tenured full professor of economics at Morningside College.

Sam has a BS from the Academy, an MBA from Golden Gate University and a doctorate from the University of Alabama.  He served as national co-chair and chief policy advisor for the Trump for President Campaign, was a policy director during the transition period and served as the Senior White House Advisor to the US Department of Agriculture.  He currently lives in rural Iowa.

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