Attempt at undoing a legally elected president and the overlooking of very visible crimes by Hillary Clinton, puts a stain on our government as it makes it clear that there is a double-standard of justice for the privileged, the political elites

It's Deja Vu All Over Again!

By —— Bio and Archives--June 17, 2018

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It's Deja Vu All Over Again!
That statement, made famous by the legendary Yogi Berra, seems to relate to the recent Justice Department Inspector General’s report on the operations of the FBI and the Justice Department, under the Obama Administration, in relation to Hillary Clinton’s illegal e-mail server case and how it was handled.  The report claims that there was “NO” bias by either the FBI or the Justice Department in that investigation of Hillary’s illegal e-mail use of a private server as Secretary of State.


Remember, that at the July 5, 2016 presentation on T.V. by then Director of the FBI, James Comey, who came before the public and listed a 13-minute presentation of the clear-cut illegal activities of Hillary Clinton that amounted to violations of law, but then in the last 2 minutes of his presentation of outlining her violations,  stated that a “reliable prosecutor” would not find that those violations constituted a crime and, therefore, he would not recommend an indictment of Hillary for committing those crimes.  Anyone of substance and a modicum of common sense realized at that time that “the fix was in”.  It saved the candidacy of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, which seems, as the report intimates, that this was the intent all along as her vindication was written by Director Comey 2 months before she was even interviewed by the FBI.

Now, it looks like it was “deja vu” all over again with the Inspector General’s report.  In over 500 pages, the report relates a multitude of times that the top echelon of the FBI and Justice Department was working behind the scenes to undermine Donald Trump’s campaign, and again after he was elected president.  A rational person knows again that “the fix was in” in this case as well.  But, the report claims that there was no bias in favor of Hillary Clinton.  Really?

How can these blatantly dishonorable activities have taken place at the highest level of law enforcement in our country?  How did these people, in those high positions, get their jobs and how did they last in those jobs for so long?  Good questions.

The Democrats laugh at the claims by President Trump that the law is unfair and that some government agencies (the FBI and the Justice Department) were and are on a “witch hunt” in order to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump.

So far, the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, has spent over $17 million in an attempt to tie President Trump, and people in his Administration, to having colluded with the Russians to fix the 2016 election, with “NO” proof or no “quid pro quos”, that anything illegal occurred.  Robert Mueller is a “prosecutor in search of a crime” and, so far, nothing has been found to justify this waste of money in conducting this “witch hunt”.

To me, this attempt at undoing a legally elected president and the overlooking of very visible crimes by Hillary Clinton, puts a stain on our government as it makes it clear that there is a double-standard of justice for the privileged and the political elites, and if this continues, it will further damage our democratic republic by people losing faith in our law enforcement agencies, not the rank and file, but the heads of those agencies who parlayed their political biases into action in trying to undermine our electoral process.


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