The whole global warming craze is a massive Ponzi scheme

It’s never been about global warming

By —— Bio and Archives--October 15, 2009

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imageAnyone who believes that the Kyoto Accord and all the subsequent meetings spearheaded by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), is actually about global warming or climate change, would be well advised to submit a wish list to Santa Claus in care of the North Pole.  Chances of having jolly St. Nick deliver what’s on that list are better than the chances of stopping global warming.  That’s because global warming has already stopped with no help from Al Gore and his friends.

In fact, recent scientific discoveries have found the smoking gun of global warming isn’t actually smoking when it was revealed that some of the IPCC’s data were, um, fudged.  The IPCC’s lead scientist, Keith Briffa has attempted to debunk archeological and historic records about the medieval warm period, when Greenland was actually green, using as proof tree core samples taken from Siberia’s Yamal Peninsula.


Only problem is, upon peer review of his 1995 paper, Dr. Briffa was discovered to have cherry-picked the core samples in order to support his assertion that the planet is warming.  There were a total of 252 core samples taken from the trees at Yamal and Briffa used a total of three to support his hypothesis.

Other scientists, also working for the IPCC have arrived at the same conclusion, using the same data, which was finally exposed as having been “cooked” by Canadian mathematician Steve McIntyre, who had written countless letters to the IPCC and its individual climate scientists asking for the raw data that were used to arrive at their conclusions.

Another bit of proof consistently offered by the IPCC that the earth is warming is the so-called “hockey stick” graph that provided proof positive that the planet was undergoing unprecedented warming.  But Steve McIntyre and Ross McKitrick proved that the math used at arriving at the “hockey stick” graph was hokey, at which point the narrative changed to “yes, the math is flawed, but global warming is still a crisis, even if there isn’t a hockey stick.”

The whole global warming craze is a massive Ponzi scheme

And so it goes.  What hasn’t occurred to most who have bought into the global warming hysteria is that it’s never been about global warming or climate change, for that matter.  The whole global warming craze is a massive Ponzi scheme designed to separate wealthy nations from their wealth and pass it over to developing nations without them having to actually go through the process of creating and earning that wealth.  It’s a gigantic global welfare scheme that if it comes to fruition, will equalize the wealth of all nations, making poor nations wealthier.  It will also make wealthy nations poorer.

In fact, as the proponents of climate hysteria come to realize that developed nations’ citizenry may not be on board for a gigantic wealth transfer, they are looking at other avenues to facilitate separating wealthy nations from their money.

One such way is through class-action lawsuits.  Recently the “Asian Peoples’ Climate Court” in Bangkok found the G8 guilty of “planetary malpractice” in violation of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. A mock trial heard a case “filed” on behalf of children from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal, the Philippines and Thailand.

Antonio Oposa, a Filipino environmental lawyer believes that such legal action isn’t far off, as developing nations sue so-called “over-consuming countries” for environmental damages.  Mr. Oposa went on to say “The countries most affected in Asia and Africa will begin to stand up and take action if they get nothing from Copenhagen.”

It’s about the Third World fleecing the West without actually having to create that wealth for itself

So you see, it isn’t about global warming or even climate change.  It’s about the Third World fleecing the West without actually having to create that wealth for itself.

And by the way, those endangered polar bears?  There are more of them today than at any point in recent history.



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