Democrats have decided to back the concerns of illegal aliens instead of the American citizens

It’s not The Wall Schumer is scared of

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It’s not The Wall Schumer is scared of
You can tell what scares Democrats, by what they aren’t talking about.

Democrats, in the form of Senator Chuck Schumer and now Representative Luis Gutierrez have indirectly given away Democrat fears. First, Senator Schumer came out of his Whitehouse meeting with President Trump, claiming that he had offered some compromise with the President on the wall.

Next, from TheHill.com

Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-Ill.) said Saturday that he’s ready to give President Trump his signature border wall if the Republicans will agree to new legal protections for “Dreamers”. Furthermore, he said he’d help with the construction.“I’ll take a bucket, take bricks, and start building it myself,” Gutiérrez told reporters in the Capitol. “We will dirty our hands in order for the Dreamers to have a clean future in America.”

We all know Democrats are good at coordinated messaging. Question is, why the sudden reversal? The Wall, has been the main sticking point for both sides—a YUGE campaign platform plank for Candidate, now President Trump and a guaranteed foil for liberal Democrats. Why are Democrats suddenly ready to give President Trump a victory in this regard?

The short answer is, Chain Migration and Visa Lottery. The Wall in and of itself, while obviously helpful in border security is not the end all, be all. Its real importance, is that it is a visual and physical demonstration that President Trump intends to keep his promises on immigration. If Trump gets any significant portion of the wall started, then he wins a modest political victory and border security is enhanced a bit. However, if recalcitrant Democrats prevent funding or delay construction, they will be the ones hurt, not President Trump.

Chain Migration and the Visa Lottery are a completely different story. As we all know, Democrat interest in immigration reform, is in simply assuring a continuing and steady supply of new Democrat voters. If recent immigration history had demonstrated newly minted citizens tended to vote Republican, as American Thinkers we all know, the wall would have already been built, with a moat teeming with alligators and likely with the help of Representative Gutierrez mentioned above. Instead, Chain Migration and the Immigration Lottery continue to assure a steady supply of Democrat voters of low skill.

In his immigration speeches, President Trump, always talks, “Build The Wall!” Lately, he’s also added, Chain Migration and the Visa Lottery along with E-Verify, to his list of immigration fixes. Of all those immigration reforms, the loss of Chain Migration and the Visa Lottery would do the most damage to the Democrat voter import machine. Both of those programs are responsible for a large number of unsuitable foreign arrivals who end up on public assistance or in prison and eventually as Democrat voters, legally or sometimes not.

Two things are going to have a tremendous impact on this discussion. First, President Trump’s Administration is gaining some serious momentum. A burgeoning economy that itself is a result of his assault on egregious regulations along with the recent tax bill are already having a positive effect on workers’ wallets. Couple that with some very positive employment news among some core Democrat constituencies—Women’s unemployment is lowest in decades and of even more concern to Democrats, Black and Hispanic unemployment, is the lowest…ever. This could give President Trump some legislative muscle, if the GOP will get behind him.

Second and directly on the heels of what is now being called the “Trump Recovery,” Democrats have decided to back the concerns of illegal aliens instead of the American citizens who elected them and are doing so in the most public way possible way, by shutting down the Federal Government. For now, President Trump appears to be winning the messaging war on this, calling out Senator Schumer and the Democrats for taking the side of illegal aliens over Americans.

This is why Democrats are showing some willingness to move towards President Trump on The Wall (or a piece of it). This would be a minor political retreat, but as long as their legal supply of voters isn’t cut off, they could live with that. Schumer’s and Guttierez’s recent statements are an attempt to lock in a DACA agreement and pay for it with a minor concession regarding The Wall.

However, President Trump has some serious economic wind at his back. Add to this the Democrat open and notorious choice of illegal aliens over American citizens, taxpayers, job seekers and college applicants, Trump may actually run the table and get everything he asks for in his immigration reform list. Democrats on the other hand, if Republicans stay the course, could end up with the 800K DACA “children” being given some sort of work status and funding for The Wall being revisited annually. All an all, a pretty good deal. Keep the pressure on the Democrats. Every 24 hours that goes by, take something else off the table.


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